Food was awful, my main was cold. I love Aeromexico. | eTurboNews |. - AM Plus is a Class located in the first three rows of seats of all Aeromexico Boeing 737 aircraft. Boeing 737 800 Aeromexico Keywords: boeing, boeing 737-800, boeing 747, boeing 787, boeing 767, boeing 757, boeing yc-14, boeing 737 max, Advanced entertainment systems are offered for Clase Premier, AM Plus, and Main Cabin passengers featuring a full range of On-Demand options including a wide selection of movies, popular TV series, a variety of music channels, and the latest video games. ... AM Plus- The plus fare type allows passengers to avail SkyPriority benefits where guests are given a priority at ticketing, baggage check-in, boarding and de-planing. Aeromexico AM plus not really worth the upgrade cost I paid for extra leg room by the starboard emergency door and I thought I had been upgraded when they offered me an AM plus seat, unfortunately the only advantage was a little more space between me and the seat in front. Aeromexico operates the Boeing 737-800 on short to medium-haul fligths. More Comfort. | … Best seats in the plane. In economy class, there are 18 AM Plus seats with extra legroom and 126 standard seats in a 3-3 layout. Seat map of the Boeing 737-800 (738) Boeing 738-800 operated by Aeromexico offers 160 seats of three types: 16 seats of clase premier type (correspond to first class seats), 18 seats of AM Plus … A 120V output would be a great add on, hope to see that on the brand new 787-900 from Aeromexico, and please, let that seat recline, It is almost impossible to sleep on any Aeromexico airplane because of this. AeroMexico (Mexico City) has announced that its AM Plus Class will provide new benefits and enhanced seat comfort in its more than 40 Boeing 737 aircraft. Aeromexico Express was a commuter airline based at Monterrey International Airport. The seats come with extra legroom, access to premium snacks and beverages. There are 16 seats in business class (clase premier), 18 more in premium economy (clase AM plus) and 126 economy class seats (clase turista). AM Plus features 4” (10 cm) of increased legroom and greater recline of the seatbacks. The total weight allowance is 22 lb/10 kg max for both pieces and each piece can measure up to 21.5 x 15.7 x 10. The cons: The 2-2-2 layout doesn't provide aisle access at every seat, and cumbersome connections at MEX. The Boeing 737-852 was delivered to AeroMexico on June 21, 2013. SFO-MEX. Aug 25, 2019 - Aeroméxico Aircraft Fleet Boeing 737-700. I flew Aeromexico from LHR to Mexico City in their business class as it was half the cost of BA and I wouldn’t do it again! It was a partnership between Aeromexico and Aeromar. This airliner is configured for a maximum total of 160 passengers. Behind the seats of the first class 18 seats of AM Plus type are located. Compare and book today your flight deals from the United States to +100 destinations worldwide with Aeromexico and the SkyTeam Alliance! Aeromexico operates Boeing 737-800 during short and medium-haul fligths. For your next Aeromexico flight, use this seating chart to get the most comfortable seats, legroom, and recline on . Aeromexico 646 Mexico City (MEX) – Los Angeles (LAX) Boeing 737-800 30 May 2016. In economy class the configuration is a standard 3-3-3. Before boarding at SFO, Aeromexico Clase Premier passengers are able to access the AirFrance KLM lounge … The flight departs at 22:35 with an arrival the following morning in Mexico-City at 04:10. Seat map Boeing 737-700 “Aeromexico”. With my elite tier bonus miles I would net almost 30,000 redeemable miles from the trip. The new section will be in all of the airline’s fleet of more than 40 Boeing 737 aircraft, located in the first three rows of coach. Aeromexico is partnered with Alaska which means I would also earn 125% of miles flown towards elite status, or over 16,000 miles which get me to Alaska Gold 75k before the end of 2015. AM Plus is AeroMexico’s extra legroom economy product. 3661 views. 1 3 of 5. Sat in AM Plus, which has more leg room, priority boarding, included a snack (sandwich) and free alcohol. - Some of the main advantages this new product offers includes increased legroom and seatback tilt. This AeroMexico 737-800 has a total of 160 seats that are divided into three classes. ... AM Plus consists of the first couple of rows of Economy Class and offers an additional 4 inches of legroom. Aeromexico 737 Max 8 Clase Premier Business Class, AM Plus, Economy Class seats, seating chart, seat map. Club Premier (Business Class): On the Boeing 737, Aeromexico features recliner seats in a 2-2 configuration in Clase Premier (business class). Be the first to write a review! The seats also have leather headrests. AM Plus: 34" 17" 18: Economy Class: 31" 17" 132: Traveler photos (0) Add photos . We flew a Boeing 737-800 with 160 seats, paying an additional $40 per person for a new cabin category called Aeromexico AM Plus, a premium economy section that promises extra legroom. AM Plus More Space. The Aeromexico business class cabin on the 787-9 features 36 seats in business class with 30 in the forward cabin and six in a mini-cabin behind the galley. First class is known as Clase Premier and is comprised of 16 recliner seats in a 2-2 configuration that are 21 inches wide, with 39 inches of pitch. Our Dreamliner has 27 AM Plus seats with more legroom and greater seat recline along with Sky Priority Services. Overall rating . The seat was fine but I chose a central pair for direct aisle access. Aeroméxico lanza AM Plus con nuevos beneficios - AM Plus, es una Clase ubicada en las tres primeras filas de los asientos de los equipos Boeing 737. I spent a wonderful, long weekend in Mexico City visiting a friend and sadly Monday came which meant I’d have to fly back to Seattle for one more week of uni. Aeromexico has flights to Madrid and vacation packages which include airline tickets. It costs $20 on domestic flights and $30 on international flights to upgrade to AM Plus. In this example, I am going to use flights between Mexico and the US as an example. Aeromexico announced it has launched AM Plus, a new premium-economy section. Each standard economy class seat offers 17 inches of width and 31 inches of pitch. Enjoy an extraordinary on board! Aeromexico Boeing B737 MAX 8 1. Aeromexico operates these Boeing 737-800s with the Boeing Sky Interior on this route. The 16-seat cabin (four rows of 2-2) has 39 inches of seat pitch and a legrest. MEXICO CITY, Mexico - Aeromexico announced that its AM Plus Class will provide new benefits and enhanced seat comfort in its more than 40 Boeing 737 aircraft. AeroMexico's 787-8 business class was a comfortable ride from North to South America. Was greeted at my seat with tiny pillow, blanket, and headphones were distributed right after takeoff. The leg room It is ok, also with the on board entertainment which is pretty good. Reviews. Finally, it is available on all 737s and 787s. Aeromexico, Mexico’s global airline, announced that its AM Plus Class will provide new benefits and enhanced seat comfort in its more than 40 Boeing 737 aircraft. Aeroméxico Contigo, Aeromexico's brand for select U.S.-Mexico flights; Former subsidiaries. This aircraft features three classes: Clase Premier, AM Plus, and Main Cabin Economy. This new service features an extra 4" (10 cm) of legroom in the first three rows in the Economy Class cabin, with an additional seatback tilt and leather headrests.… This is pretty much industry standard for this aircraft. The first three rows are dedicated to the AM Plus cabin, Aeromexico’s extra legroom product, offering four more inches of space. Aeromexico 737-800 Business Class Seating. Aeromexico at LAX. I sat in seat 8D, which was part of AM Plus. Main Cabin. Aeromexico B737-700 configuration, seating chart, seat map, clase premier, AM plus, main cabin economy, inflight amenities. Aug 25, 2019 - Aeroméxico Aircraft Fleet Boeing 737 Max 8 Configuration. This is one of 31 B738 models currently in the fleet of the Mexican airline. Dublin, Castilian style In their travels throughout Europe, Celtic people left behind a green footprint, musical rhythms and a taste for good beer. You are allowed one personal item and one carry-on. Aeromexico has updated its business class aboard the 737-800 to new seats that are slightly more comfortable than a typical domestic first class seat in the USA. (The seats are available on flights to Cancun, Chicago, Lima, New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, and Monterrey, Mexico.) Meaning, faster boarding, deplaning, check-in and baggage handling. Behind that is three rows of premium economy (AM Plus), making me wonder if those last six flights in business class will stick around on a … In this case, Aeromexico baggage fees fall somewhere in between. The pros: fantastic price, tasty food and solid IFE. These seats are separated from first class seats with a bulkhead that is why the seats of the 6th row have less space for passengers’ legs. The 737-800 is the right size plane for this flight. | Трендови | Туристичке вести на мрежи | AM Plus passengers also receive priority services such as check-in, boarding and luggage delivery. On Christmas Eve 2019, I flew from Chicago O'Hare to Mexico City on AeroMexico. Aeromexico flies on Monday, Thursday and Saturday from Amsterdam as AM26 to its hub Mexico City. MEXICO CITY, Mexico - Aeromexico announced that its AM Plus Class will provide new benefits and enhanced seat comfort in its more than 40 Boeing 737 aircraft.