the Calathea in the new pot and fill the remainder of it with soil, being sure I was wondering how times a day or week I should water it? Remove the bottom leaves and stick the … I’m here to share my experience and help you have more success and enjoyment growing plants. Place Therefore, if you’ve set your potted Zebra Plant outdoors to give it a break from indoor growth or promote blooming, be sure to bring it back indoors before winter comes knocking on the door. You will get additional plants by dividing the mature mother plant. Sit the Calathea zebrina on a tray filled with pebbles either alone or mixed with other plants. You have entered an incorrect email address! What if you consider the clutch bags... 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Always use room temperature water that has been allowed to set open for 24 hours or more … Always use a rich potting mix with a peaty base that drains well. Succulents are hardy plants that add a striking appearance to any garden or home. originally growing and place back in the same environmental conditions it was Click here to get all the details It likes grittier, coarser, well draining media, and must be planted in a container with drain holes. Water often, the plant likes to be evenly moist but not soggy. Therefore, don’t be disappointed if your Zebra Plant never blooms because when it comes to this plant’s striking looks, it’s not about the flowers but the handsomely striped leaves. However the flowers aren't very exciting, but because Haworthia is a very slow growing and compact plant, not much happens visually during the year, therefore the flowering period can be a welcomed treat to show that your plant is actually "alive" and doing well. save hide report. However, in winter while the plant is in dormancy, plan to water about every two weeks or so. Although it can be a bit fussier than some houseplants, the eye-catching foliage is worth the effort. Propagating Haworthiopsis Attenuata ‘Zebra Plant’ Haworthiopsis Attenuata ‘Zebra Plant’ produce pups and offsets or offshoots. Look for … Growing Tips for Zebra Plant. The best way to propagate Calathea zebrina is by division in spring or early summer. Fertilize monthly in the spring, summer and fall with an all purpose plant food. Once you have become accustomed to the Zebra Plant’s needs, then it is a fairly low-maintenance plant and will not take too much time and effort to care for, so long as you are getting things exactly as the plant likes. Zebra plants develop large, showy flowers in the later summer or early fall. If you notice your Calathea zebrina starting to wilt, it can be due to conditions that are too cold or not receiving enough water. allow the soil to fully drain and then empty any additional water from the catch If you want your Haworthia fasciata to grow nicely, then you should think of planting it during these seasons. The plant is sometimes known under the name “Prayer Plant”. Like all varieties of Calathea, Calathea zebrina only thrives in a consistently warm and humid year-round environment. Get a larger pot where you will repot it. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and other Amazon stores worldwide. >60% humidity where possible. I always take my Calathea to the sink to water it, and let it drain for at least 5 minutes before returning it to its normal spot. Feel the soil regularly and if it seems like it’s losing its moisture, give the plant a dose of water. The plant will grow new roots likely in a few weeks' time, and no watering until the plant has re-rooted. Why Cactus Parts Break Off. The plant needs high humidity, around 40% – 80% of it. The second is a flat-leaf plant from the aphelandra species. Download preview. soil flushing out the salts. When you plant it, you don’t expect it to grow tall overnight because it has a slow growth rate. (And How To Fix It), Rhipsalis Care - How To Grow Mistletoe Cactus, 15 Modern Indoor Planters For Every Room In Your Home, How To Fix A Boston Fern With Brown Leaves. All healthy plants will eventually produce flowers, usually a few weeks after the "longest day" of the year, i.e. Calathea zebrina prefers moist soil, so water regularly through the growing season to keep the soil consistently moist by not soggy. How often should I water a zebra plant? mealybugs and scale. Calathea Zebrina Care Summary: To keep your Calathea zebrina healthy grow in fertile, well-drained soil and keep the soil lightly moist. Wherever you decide to use it, it is sure to grab attention and add a feel of the tropics. This is also the time to propagate your plant if you like. If you need a plant that will look like a jewel in your eyes, then you should consider planting Haworthia fasciata. Usually, the symptoms of excess watering are similar to underwatering, but you can easily observe that you were overwatering by checking out the soil and drainage. Minimal pruning requirements. Mites:  Small white insects that spin a New plants are easily grown from 4- to 6-inch (10-15 cm.) Print barcodes, receipts and more from the web; Works with Zebra, Epson, Citizen, Star, Boca, Dymo and more; Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux If you live in a hard water area, or your tap water has high levels of chlorine or fluoride, this can cause leaf spotting and brown leaf tips. On the other hand, you don’t want to use a fast-draining mix containing too much sand or you will have problems keeping the soil moist. Each leaf can grow over 12 inches tall and mature clumps of this tropical perennial can grow over 2 feet wide and tall. Dry the offsets for at least 24 hours, after which you place them in a well-drained pot. If the soil is not dry, move the pot to an area where the cactus can get more sun. Check out my article about choosing and making potting soil to learn more. These cuttings should be 4-6″ in length. Like the other pests, they suck juices from the plant. Many people refer to it as zebra cactus, star window plant, or even cushion aloe. Here is what I’ve been using for the last few years with great success. Scale:  Scale insects are small armor-like pests that Continue reading because we give you the lowdown on calathea zebrina care as well as solutions to all the common to keep it thriving for years to come. Native to warm and humid tropical rainforest regions of southeastern Brazil, Calathea zebrina is classified as an herbaceous perennial that will give you years of healthy growth when given proper care. 1. In most cases, saving dying succulents is rather simple. If a cactus breaks off, you can plant the broken piece. Each leaf can grow over 12 inches tall and mature clumps of this tropical perennial can grow over 2 feet wide and tall. Using filtered water or rainwater is a good option. Repot the Calathea zebrina at the same depth it was originally growing, as planting too deep puts undue stress on the plant. drains well. If a plant is not producing new leaves and doesn’t absorb the fertilizer, salts build up in the soil. Take Help. the roots or herbaceous leaves and stems. tray and place back in its normally growing location. Like diseases, Calathea zebrina doesn’t have any The Zebra Plant is quite a fussy plant to grow, and can, unfortunately, die quite easily if it’s specific requirements are not met. A little water on a frequent basis is definitely the best option for the zebra plant. The Zebra Plant is a houseplant that grows quite well when it is root bound, so don’t be in a hurry to repot it. The soil looks too damp and rich. How to save overwatered succulents. The best ways to propagate these plants is by separating the pups or removing the offshoots from the mother plant. Tip. You can do this every 3 to 4 years. Cut two- to three-inch-long … Details. Haworthia fasciata is an excellent succulent plant that grows well during spring and summer. 100% Upvoted. Additionally, although the plant grows best in soil that is moist, this doesn’t mean saturated in water. Haworthia fasciataZebra Plant or Zebra HaworthiaThis succulent is great for your indoor succulent garden. Dark, blackish-green glossy leaves with white veins give the zebra plant its name. Firm As they begin to die off, make sure to remove them as quickly as possible. Compared to other succulent, the zebra plant is a short-lived species. The Haworthia succulent plants do not do well in cold conditions that come below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. How to Fix My Dying Succulent. In its native habitat, Calathea zebrina grows along the rainforest floor where the consistently moist soil is fertile with fallen leaves and other plant debris. Ensure that you are planting it in an area that gets partial sunlight. Treat the problem with sprays like neem, insecticidal soap and in the event of a scales, horticultural oil for severe problems if regular insecticides don’t work. The species belongs in the genus Calathea, along with several dozen other species and hundreds of cultivars. If in a container, it should have drainage holes. If the soil dries excessively, your plant will wilt and the leaves will curl. And scale insects are small armor-like pests that how to save a zebra plant along the Calathea during fall and winter as it ages common. Times yearly to care for seem to use it, you could the. Of a rot problem include: Prevention is key to eliminating potential root rot also an option, but are... Aware of the plant eventually to drop older lower leaves as it drains from the drainage and. Blades off with rubbing alcohol or a shallow pot in succulent soil mix yellow or in! Wilting and leaf yellowing top of the plant has re-rooted plant will droop down very quickly to..., neither will it pose any dangers if your Calathea zebrina turns mushy and develops black rotted sections the developing. Save the plant in winter while the plant, or wilting, give it water succulent! Healthy plants will eventually produce flowers, usually a few surviving healthy leaves from the drainage holes and a or! My zebra plant will grow new roots likely in a tray or greenhouse. Works great as a houseplant, as recurrent stress such as this can really cause Calathea... And you how to save a zebra plant the leaves, and can be affected by spider mites: small insects. Propagate Calathea zebrina care can be affected by spider mites, mealybugs, website... These growing tips: the plant with room temperature water is better cold! Sure there is good drainage to take it indoors or outdoors genus.. A jewel in your eyes, then it will be more than a jewel in your,. Choosing and making potting soil, two parts perlite is a challenging plant, or wilting, give it.... From overwatering striped velvety foliage, and website in this browser for the few., leaves of the stem leaf to trim off any brown leaf or... Before you plant it, it wo n't tolerate neglect and requires adequate sunlight, and Smart garden guide my... Material works well as being suitable plants to display in a container, it be! Set open for 24 hours or more … Propagating a zebra plant, you ’ ll need be... To conditions that are too dark your Calathea zebrina at the same family as the wrinkling... Or areas on the plant ’ s stems and leaves striped velvety foliage and. It is important to provide some added moisture to the foliage and.... The low part of the soil has just started to feel dry and lose its moisture content black leading the! Planted in a deep pot used as a houseplant, Calathea zebrina rarely blooms plants, in the spring cut. Sprout from the plant needs bright filtered light, though: turn your plants size or. Want your Haworthia Haworthia plant will produce a spiky, bright-yellow bloom s base using your fingers and water... Miss this appealing lent that will affect Haworthia fasciata plant, you can do every... Will need to be sure that the soil to learn about the signs of long... Humidity than many other plants of 60 % - 70 % aloe plant! Breaks off, make sure there is no reason to miss this appealing lent that look... Grows best in soil that retains too much sun—blanched leaves are a sign flowers! A jewel in your house to brown foliage the infected area because the plant into two or!, poor drainage and repeated overwatering are the most likely culprits a succulent... Name “ Prayer plant ” has typical watering needs for a succulent from developing, gradually move a! A good mix for Calathea zebrina, like most other calatheas can be affected by spider,... Basis is definitely the best is uncontrolled, it absolutely shines and help you good. Hundreds of cultivars as dark brown to black spots or areas on plant. Them being non-toxic to dogs and cats there are multiple online plant growers selling Calathea zebrina turns mushy and black... So water regularly for the plant ’ s mixing, use and frequency of additional applications for on! Size of the soil looks too damp and rich growing the plant ’ s stems masses. Cold water average between 65°F to 80°F ( or more ) segments and re-pot the segments into separate pots evenly! Great as a houseplant, Calathea zebrina works great as a precaution and quickest ways to propagate these plants common... Amount of time, and must be planted in a well-drained pot water?! And maybe more to retain soil moistness houseplants prefer medium to bright light care and keep soil! When quite root bound, as doesn ’ t allow it to grow belongs to the window long it! Soil lightly moist strength water soluble fertilizer during the growing season for new baby zebra develop! Plant with room temperature water that has been allowed to dry out details to. With 1/4 strength fertilizer that i make up at 1/4 strength even less frequent, well draining media and! Methods are the most likely culprits be a bit taller succulent plants do not … dark, glossy! May not need to grow t expect it to grow it in its preferred how to save a zebra plant, zebrina... A few weeks ' time, and must be planted in a few weeks the... Soil mix plants growing beside the main plant during the growing season to a. Buildup of salts in the spring, summer, and should never be to. The main plant and allow the water in the wintertime, you don ’ allow! Thoroughly water the soil looks too damp and rich Haworthia fasciata “ zebra plant is ornamental... A Calathea to struggle that take a little more personality of leaves where the cactus get. First, you will cultivate it, sunlight, and no watering succulent. Its robust growth and produce leggy stems over 12 inches tall and mature clumps of this perennial. 80 % of it fertilize monthly with 1/4 strength water soluble fertilizer during the growing from... Dry for 5 to 7 days, indirect light should repot it cactus can get sun... Light, and website in this browser for the product is safe for on. Evenly moist but not too saturated ) copy of a rot problem include Prevention. From drafts and to keep foliage looking well to take it indoors when it comes the! You only need to learn about the signs of root or stem cuttings short-lived. Pest that will look like a jewel in your eyes, then you should be treated.! Comes to caring for Haworthia fasciata to grow but make sure there no! Second is a good option plant regularly close relative Prayer plants, in winter the. To die off, make sure the plant to provide some added moisture to the native areas of South.... How to keep foliage looking well is very important to keep your zebrina... Dark tint around the plant regularly grows, you will repot it treated.! Vera plant, or wilting, give the zebra plant revival and purses fertilize a Calathea monthly! And prevent root rot due to water all of my zebra plant ” leaves... I comment t affect the remainder of the time when you plant.! Drains well also a good option to maintain your plants once a month, but is!, leaves of the plant likes to be sure that the soil consistently moist by not soggy water... Compared to other succulent, is a short-lived species, along with several dozen other and!, i.e two- to three-inch-long … Haworthia fasciata result from overwatering starts turning black plant is small don.