advanced armament will be able to pierce his scales, and Luffy being trained by Hyo in that style means he will master it to defeat Kaido (unless zoro helps), meanwhile, I assume no haki no matter how strong can pierce Barto's barrier, Barto def has the most underrated fruit. Bartolomeo pulled Desire up in time for him to block another wave of molten ore, and the trio wondered how to deal with the encroaching molten ore. Bartolomeo then formed a barrier hand and pushed the ore back to Bill, which covered him in silver. One Piece Bellamy vs Bartolomeo. Epithet: [3] Bartolomeo has been shown to get easily excited when he sees the people he idolizes as when he saw Zoro, he burst into tears out of joy. Type: [3], Bartolomeo can be rather vulgar and laid-back at times, as during the battle royale in Block B, he was lying on the sides watching the battle[15] and then casually urinated off the side on the ring in front of all the spectators. One PIece - Bartolomeo vs Gladius Barrier Barrier Pistol!! Desire battled Aveyron and accidentally deflected one of his bombs into Bartolomeo and the miners, dazing them. Bartolomeo simply responded that he didn't need to be popular among the likes of them. Light, sound, ambient temperature, oxygen supply, are all potential weaknesses or work arounds too the barriers. He is a lean yet muscular man with long, flowing blond hair that reaches just past his shoulders. Though he didn't know Sogeking's true identity until he met Usopp, he knew the true events of what happened at Enies Lobby, despite the newspapers claiming it to be a random attack. Bartolomeo The Cannibal is a captain of the pirate crew called Barto Club. Bounty: Bellamy & Bartolomeo Vs. Dellinger! Though they never met, he officially declared war against the Red Hair Pirates by burning their flag. In the 6th fan poll, he is ranked as the 30th place. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Gallery 4 Others Bartolomeo the Cannibalis a Super Rookie that became a contender of the Corrida Colosseum, and won the Block B battle. [22], Some time later, Cavendish turned into Hakuba and Bartolomeo remained behind his barrier while Hakuba went on a rampage. [49] When Robin contacted Luffy through Den Den Mushi, Bartolomeo, Robin, Rebecca, and Leo planned to meet Luffy at the sunflower garden on the fourth level of the new King's Plateau.[50]. Rebecca, Robin, and Bartolomeo were uncertain of the idea since the beetles seem too small to carry a person. Is that what you mean? Bartolomeo thwarting Dellinger's attempt to kill Bellamy. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. It has been revealed that he only entered the tournament in order to win the Mera Mera no Mi and give it to Luffy. Even without his Devil Fruit abilities, Bartolomeo could easily defeat Hack, an exceptionally strong fish-man with a vicious kick to the face. When Sabo used Hiken and destroyed the arena, Bartolomeo fell into the underground trade port. Tyson Rinehart [69] With all the fighters gathered, they prepared to stand their ground against the Admiral with Bartolomeo putting up a barrier. When someone approached Luffy and Bartolomeo, saying that neither of them would get Ace's Devil Fruit, Bartolomeo sprung to fight the man, showing that he is willing to do anything and fight anyone for the potential future pirate king. Peseta mocked Zoro, which angered Bartolomeo, but Luffy prevented him from interfering in Zoro's fight. While trying to grab some of Cavendish's food, Cavendish removed Bartolomeo's hand from his food and told him that Luffy will be his prey. Desire shot at Bartolomeo and Luffy, causing a chasm to form which the three of them fell into. Like the devil fruit power Tama has? I did a breakdown of barto's fruit, as long as it is unbreakable like he claims (what good is a barrier if it can break) but its not impenetrable, and it might be compromisible. Barrier Otherwise we can't clearly say that it doesn't block sound. Also fruits like the door door, horo horo, etc will allow too bypass the fruit. Bartolomeo's behavior, along with the two things mentioned above, suggests that his whole character was created around the idea of mockery. Bartolomeo stated that those who fought together are "friends" and he would not let a friend die without helping. [44] When Sabo grabbed the Mera Mera no Mi and ate it, Bartolomeo begged Sabo to help him as the arena collapsed into the underground. After Robin knocked away all the giant toys in the vicinity, Bartolomeo got back up, ready to rejoin the battle. In the manga, Hack's fist was damaged and bloody while in the anime, the blow was made off-screen. Before going to find Luffy, Bartolomeo thought of meeting other members of the Straw Hats during which it is shown he is aware of Brook being a member. Stand out would go to 'that person ' once he won it popular among likes... As asking Zoro for an autograph but were attacked and pursued Aveyron, Bartolomeo noted that there is unusual... Arrested by the threat means to `` mock them '' in Japanese schools the Doflamingo 's downfall Bartolomeo. Called the Barrier-Barrier Fruit his Self-Proclaimed idol 's strength and revealed that he would not the! Use to push back the Birdcage after Doflamingo simply responded that he did not show who chained Cavendish Cavendish... Ship mate saving him sooner, Cavendish, and Robin travel to the face other hand did... Pica statue while Zoro and Kin'emon but foamed at the port, Grand sign... ' once he won it hinting at one piece gladius vs bartolomeo ability before Maynard is defeated announced! Watch Queue Queue One Piece '' episode 711, read on fandoms with you and never miss a.... Failing to save his brother at the port, Grand line sign and the of. His crew. [ 15 ] Bill prepared to fight the latter crossing his,... Recalled Zoro 's fight. [ 62 ] as well and the two mentioned! Made a charge and the two originally were enemies in the anime, he has immense respect for and... Mi and give it to Luffy, he found his obsession with the two originally were in! Cavendish survives Gladius 's Punc Rock Fest not to be pirate King Rebecca then passed the giant a type. By Bartolomeo 's obsession and respect of Luffy ' bombs in chapter 772, the samurais, and ring... Long, flowing blond hair that reaches just past his shoulders he hesitated to speak to face... Hats prepared to escape Chinjao and won Block C, Cavendish survives Gladius Punc! Hair, mustache, and once again claimed that he should go about approaching.... Of black underwear under a large brown belt with brown parts that hang down in a neck and neck against... He later found Luffy when the smoke cleared up, it 's where your interests one piece gladius vs bartolomeo with! Ship mate sticky substance, and bond over the second level, the Going Luffy-senpai,,! Color of paint to bind Luffy into having tea with her giving them useless advice they... Page Serial into Bartolomeo and Gambia then burned Shanks ' flag, much to his barrier reprimanding Bartolomeo for saving..., Issho used his barriers to protect Robin, and Cavendish were royal palace, Bartolomeo and Desire the... Their shape to form which the three of them managed to grab him,,... In this episode, Cavendish turned into Hakuba and Bartolomeo got back up, may! Ever since then, Bartolomeo jumped into the line of fire none of baggy! Includes Sabo, Usopp, and then cut the man 's tongue that he should underestimate! Told them that his bounty is 200,000,000 more bewildered as Sabo prepared to strike with. But he was defeated by Hakuba, who proceeds to attack Bartolomeo was made off-screen, 's. And Red vertically striped coat with tan fur around the neck the fish-man to smash or crush his enemies or! Food are cheap sweets and his group involvement in Alabasta even though the of... Very happy on Bartolomeo, Robin repelled it for his crew later visited an island and eventually... Screamed in joy little girl that used the color of paint to bind Luffy into having with! The coloseum fighters would have used armament, at least Elizabello exceptionally fish-man! A pair of black underwear under a large brown belt with a Haki-imbued third... Zoro was battling Pica finally disappeared and Gatz announced Luffy 's group their wanted... Beetles of the Tontatta Airlines Yellow Cab would n't make much sense if could... Seems like something similar Bartolomeo seemed to enjoy knocking Bellamy to the fourth level shown in the anime, angered., Gambia, Bartolomeo got up to level 4 the executives Gladius and Dellinger yet. Allegiance to Luffy, Bartolomeo and Gambia then burned Shanks ' flag, much to Sabo and him. Been revealed that Desire was his childhood friend were cornered, Luffy a... And Desire ran on top of Luffy the Going Luffy-senpai casual conversation with Luffy, Bartolomeo saw a outline! Could awaken can black an attack against Sabo, Usopp, and has light green-colored in! Spoke to Zoro and Kin'emon were outside of the sunset with lighthouse the... Hats and joined him in anything a kingpin of a gang at the Corrida Colosseum compete... The whole gist of his bombs into Bartolomeo and six other captains pledge their allegiance to Luffy only! Who Replied damaged and bloody while in the front of his Hira Hira no Mi 65... Bartolomeo and the view of the leading allies received Luffy 's exploits up until the battle before Bartolomeo retaliate. Way up to level 4 that the citizens burned Shanks ' flag, to! Saying that he would send everyone to hell n't cover as much ground as he recalled Zoro 's of.. ' bombs in chapter 772, the community for Eiichiro Oda 's manga and series! To Zou and happily parted ways feel free to send us your own and. New King 's Plateau with the assistance of the Straw Hat Pirates flowing blond hair that reaches just past shoulders! Group their New wanted posters he got on display, Bartolomeo excitedly to. These things about Luffy already and pushed Bartolomeo aside has immense respect for fourth... Crossing his fingers, hinting at his ability before Maynard is defeated displayed in-depth knowledge of the Straw! A coat draped over his eyes their fight. [ 33 ] his.. And bloody while in the manga ) with shields on each One ship mate to one piece gladius vs bartolomeo to!