Knowing her brother and father weren't around, she traveled to Earth to start a new life.Kagura had a number of pets named 'Sadah… For her killing blow, she drove a Naginata through his shoulder and crashed him through the wall all in one move. Kagura is devastated and ceases to argue. Knowing his sister's condition,Sougo pleaded with Hijikata to allow his sister to experience happiness with what's little time she had left despite knowing that Kuraba was a criminal. ILoveGINTAMA18 Bad Sougo, hahaha! Kagura is not convinced of Hasegawa's innocence and gives him a despised look. During her hospitalization, she deliberately feigns her illness so that she can get all the care and love. Yorozuya Kondou was forced into an arranged marriage with a gorilla. As Gintoki has bought one randomly that cannot fix Sarutobi's sight, Sarutobi ends up being targeted by Shimatsuya (the assassins trained to wipe off assassins). This Gintama bức ảnh might contain anime, truyện tranh, phim hoạt hình, and manga. After the training, Kagura is dressed as Red Ninja. They visit the place and find it is in trouble as Kurogoma Katsuo is picking on them. During a chaotic chase, they all end up in the wilderness. Kagura is doubtful at first about Sougo's actions, but he explains himself. They enlist the help of Sarutobi to train them into ninjas for the job. After this, the children ask Yorozuya to avenge their warden's murder as they offer to give away all their toys as payment. While Seita and Shinpachi get into comical trouble with some adult toys, she and Gintoki express that this ending is so far so good anyway. They are soon all caught by the turtles. Suddenly, the tv opens and Jigsaw (parody of the movie ‘’Saw’’) appears and explains the game. When she receives a confession from a boy, Shinpachi remarks that going by just looks she's a beauty. Sougo noticed that Hijikata had grown a close friendship with Kondou and Mitsuba, and this (accompanied by his arrogant attitude at the dojo) caused Sougo to hate Hijikata with a great passion. Kagura can be described as naive to a fault as seen in her introduction where she was tricked by a gang into thinking that she was protecting them when she fought their rival gang. He went along with the idea of acting the role of his new gender and participated in a contest between himself, Ginko, and Tenko to pick up men. Episode: Physical Features As she waits with her father in the airport, she sees Shinpachi outside yelling, asking her not to leave. They suspect that Justaway is actually a bomb. In the end she bids farewell to the shogun and her friend Soyo Hime, who were both going to fly to a safe place to hide, gather allies, and establish a new administration. The Yorozuya is commissioned by a local gangster to persuade his son out of his room. Kagura (Gintama fanfic) by Charlaloo13. She dresses as a maid to aid the investigation. Both Nobume and Kamui have stated that Sougo has the eyes of a killer, yet he doesn't wish for innocent people to walk the path he has taken and be stained by blood. Kagura faces Kamui she vows to stop all the fights within the family. When outside, she's usually seen carrying a purple parasol around, which works as a protection from the sun. Sougo made a brief appearance, baiting Gintoki and Katsura who were turned into cats and Kondou into a gorilla, with food but ended up eating the food himself, once again displaying his sadistic nature. At one point, her older brother injured his right arm through unknown means but he hid it from his and Kagura's mother but not Kagura. When Gintoki sacrificed himself (because he was the source of the white disease) so that the future would be a better place she was crying until her memory was replaced and she sat there wondering why tears were dripping from her eyes. They immediately left in search of them afterward, leaving Shinpachi finding out that Dai's family had a royal tradition where they'd destroy the planet of the female they've chosen to marry in order to keep the genetic information for themselves.