Because of the theme of this season, there are repeated instances of sexism. Relying only from first impressions, the tribes must select which of their tribemates will be the biggest liability to their team, and these two players will \"not make it to the journey.\" The contestants assumed that the two would be eliminated, but the \"journey\" was revealed to be a four-hour tr… The cast is at least pleasant, and at one point in the season there is actually a shockingly strong strategic play. For the 20th anniversary edition of the groundbreaking reality series, Survivor: Winners at War unites the most memorable, heroic, and celebrated champions from … Worlds Apart (season 30) All of our Survivor: Winners at War coverage can be found here. Of course, these rankings are just determined by averaging our own rankings together. The winner of this season did exactly what was needed to win, but it didn’t help the entertainment value of the season. Two legends of the game- the titular “idols”- return to serve as trainers for the cast. The season was filmed in the microregion of Jalapo in Tocantins, Brazil, and first aired Thursday, February 12, 2009. Heroes vs. Villains (season 20) (Warning: there will be spoilers.). This season has a cast that is realistically about 75% fodder. Survivor: Tocantins – The Brazilian Highlands received very positive reviews from … If you’re new- or relatively new- to watching Survivor, we hope our Survivor season rankings were useful to you. Thomas played what's called a "perfect game" by never having a vote cast against him throughout the game, and then receiving every single vote to win at the Final Tribal Council. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . Does that mean it’s a great season? No. A big boost for a terrible season, as South Pacific moves up in the rankings thanks to the continuing slide of Worlds Apart and the new addition of Island of the Idols. A pleasant cast participates in a season loaded with advantages. [S] Swoldow's Survivor: Legends - CAST REVEAL and TRIBES Welcome one and all to the final season of Swoldow's Survivor! He and his close ally J.T. It’s hardly the same show at this point, with narration provided by Jeff Probst and a general disdain by most of the cast for the concept of voting someone out. Survivor fans often ask us for recommendations on the best Survivor seasons. Version: Taj and Stephen decided to betray their Exile alliance; Brendan neglected to play his Idol and was voted out. Also, a few of the returning players are among our favorites, and the winner of this season plays an excellent game. J.T. (Some have even suggested that player’s podcast is nearly as good as The Purple Rock, which is quite a compliment.) Tocantins (season 18) This season has one of the best casts among the first-timer seasons. The season has several enjoyable narrative arcs, some nice interactions between the players, and some of those delicious tears that Probst loves so much. No. It even has one of the best episodes the show has ever had. Official CBS photos will be released tomorrow. February 12, 2009 - May 17, 2009 18 Some of the show’s greatest casting finds came from this season, and the way they fit-or don’t fit- with each other leads to some great moments. First Impressions: On Day 1, Jeff Probst instructed the newly marooned castaways to make their first vote-off. 4. We’ve previously only done the rankings based on the opinions of Andy and John, but we’re trying out this democracy thing and seeing how it goes. 25. If you’re a newbie (or relative newbie) to Survivor, you probably came to this list hoping for some opinions on which season you should watch. This season, like Thailand and All-Stars, also features an incident that is uncomfortable to watch. (Warning: there will be spoilers.). 9. Filming Dates: Once production of Survivor: Gabon was underway, CBS began casting for this season. There are some notable players here, the show is set in an interesting location, and we see the first iteration of a game element that has since become standard. Survivor: Caramoan Cast Photos: Survivor on 11. Borneo • The Australian Outback • Africa • Marquesas • Thailand • The Amazon • Pearl Islands • All-Stars • Vanuatu • Palau • Guatemala • Panama • Cook Islands • Fiji • China • Micronesia • Gabon • Tocantins • Samoa • Heroes vs. Villains • Nicaragua • Redemption Island • South Pacific • One World • Philippines • Caramoan • Blood vs. Water • Cagayan • San Juan del Sur • Worlds Apart • Cambodia • Kaôh Rōng • Millennials vs. Gen X • Game Changers • Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers • Ghost Island • David vs. Goliath • Edge of Extinction • Island of the Idols • Winners at War. China (season 15) Guatemala (season 11) 16 castmembers <3! All of our Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X coverage can be found here. Considered one of the most recognizable and polarizing castaways in Survivor history, Coach made a name for himself with his unorthodox ways. 28. Survivor: Tocantins Fun with Acronyms: J.T. Host Jeff Probst has stated that the season begins with the 16 castaways dividing themselves into two tribes with a … This section is empty. If you wish Survivor was some other game that wasn’t Survivor, you may enjoy this one- it’s like watching people try to play a game without reading the instructions. The dominant performance by the winner is why this season stands out, although it makes for fairly boring and predictable television. The junior varsity team did a rewatch of South Pacific and were far too kind to the season. Occasionally some Survivor fans will try to suggest that they like this season and pretend that proves they are a better class of fan than you are. This is the season that everyone loves to claim we undervalue. It makes sense that they’d ask us this, because we are the authorities when it comes to Survivor season rankings. The pre-merge portion of the game is enjoyable, and suggests that the season has potential. (Warning: there will be spoilers. Fiji (season 14) /r/Survivor and the /r/Survivor Discord are connected as partner platforms, but they are moderated differently by overall different groups of mods. The alliance members saw several repeat visits to Exile, securing both Immunity Idols by sharing the clues. All of our Survivor: Game Changers coverage can be found here. As much as you will probably hate many of Nicaragua or Thailand‘s players, you will probably adore China‘s players in equal measure. Benjamin "Coach" Wade is a contestant from Survivor: Tocantins, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, and Survivor: South Pacific.. (Warning: there will be spoilers.). All of our Survivor: Philippines coverage can be found here. All of our Survivor: Cagayan coverage can be found here. They are the pre-merge boots that were cast not because they’d be great players, but because they’d fill a certain role the show always casts. (Warning: there will be spoilers. Caramoan (season 26) to be named the Sole Survivor, believing he played a stronger and more strategic game compared to Stephen. Those people are the worst, much like this season. (Warning: there will be spoilers.). 19. Stephen Fishbach is a contestant from Survivor: Tocantins and Survivor: Cambodia. All of our Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains coverage can be found here. Gabon (season 17) Marquesas (season 4) Thomas Favorites (season 16) If you’d like to see each staff member’s individual rankings, they’re listed below. Timbira was able to win the last three Immunity Challenges before the merge. The 16 person cast, unique location, Final 2, and character-focused storytelling put Tocantins more in common with a pre-All-Stars season than anything that came afterward. He returned as a villain on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains in 2010 and came in 15th place. All of our Survivor: Island of the Idols coverage can be found here. Philippines rescued Survivor from a four-season slump by giving us a strong cast and a trio of returning players- one of which we were even happy to see again! This season is just plain entertaining, with some of the most memorably funny moments in the show’s history. Most importantly, we summarize the seasons without any spoilers, so you can be pleasantly (or unpleasantly) surprised by each season. All-Stars (season 8) An abundance of twists and turns makes the season struggle narratively, and there is an incident that’s hard to watch. 33. All of our Survivor: Cambodia coverage can be found here. (Warning: there will be spoilers.). Some might argue that this season is full of terrible players. Winner: 16 There is also interesting strategy and gameplay. As with Cagayan, you’ll want to see other seasons before you watch this one so you can appreciate what takes place here. 40. (Warning: there will be spoilers.). The casting here is good, with one of Survivor‘s greatest finds and a few other interesting people that keep the season entertaining. It fails, but it does so in spectacular and interesting ways. This is currently the latest season with 16 contestants. It is no longer the unanimous choice of the entire Purple Rock staff for worst season ever, but it’s close. Let's Get Rid of the Weak Players Before We Even Start,,,, This season marks the third country (Brazil) to be revisited as a location of filming, following Panama and Palau, though it became the first country to host two seasons in two separate locations. An all-star season without the ever-present bitterness of All-Stars, Heroes vs. Villains brought back some of the most memorable players from the show’s past, plus two players from Gabon. A quarter of the cast has returned to play at least one season (and several of them have come back multiple times). If you watch it now, you’ll be amazed at what passed as villainy back then. of Days: Please realize before you dispute our rankings that even though your opinion is totally valid, these are the definitive Survivor season rankings (because they were made by us). The Amazon (season 6) Timbira won the majority of the Immunity Challenges, and was dominated by an alliance led by Coach Wade and Tyson Apostol. And that realization leads to what has become the one constant strategy in every season of Survivor. All of our Survivor: San Juan del Sur coverage can be found here. Learn more about the classic series today. (Warning: there will be spoilers.). All of our Survivor: Nicaragua coverage can be found here. Runner(s)-Up: But this is also the season that makes Survivor what it is, as someone quickly realizes that Survivor is nothing more than a game. The gimmick for this season was fairly unpopular- even though it’s understandable why it was employed- and it weighs down the season substantially. 38. South Pacific (season 23) Both the Hidden Immunity Idol and Exile Island twists were in play, with the clues to the Hidden Idols available at Exile. Survivor: Blood vs. Water Rumored Cast (Spoilers) 08/20/2013 Eric Mitchell Survivor 16 The verdict seemed to be that people wanted to know who the rumored cast of Survivor: Blood vs. Water was and seemed too lazy to look themselves (I’m joking … This is where it all started. (Warning: there will be spoilers.). The season saw one medical evacuation and has to date produced four returning players for subsequent seasons. Fan Shamar Thomas, an Iraq War Veteran currently living in Brooklyn, N.Y., is set to compete in SURVIVOR: CARAMOAN – FANS vs. We don’t. Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers (season 35) And all of this makes for a massively entertaining season full of memorable characters, surprising moments, and stellar gameplay. Survivor: Tocantins - The Brazilian Highlands is the 18th season of the American CBS competitive reality television series Survivor. Usually some work and some don’t. Jeff Probst . The casting here is pretty average, and the winner’s narrative doesn’t quite work, but this season earns its rank based on several memorable moments of both gameplay and comedy. Redemption Island (season 22) 29. Nicaragua is an absolute slog. I collected Survivor … Have you ever heard the phrase “bitter jury” when discussing Survivor? The list below was created by taking an average ranking from the opinions of the entire Purple Rock staff. However, a poor performance in the Final Tribal Councilcombined … With big characters like Tyson Apostol , James “JT” Thomas , Taj Johnson-George , and Stephen Fischbach , plus arguably the most entertaining man to ever grace Survivor , Coach Benjamin Wade , the … There’s an excellent winner, some great storytelling (and narration) along the way, and just enough strategy and scheming to keep you invested in the gameplay. (Warning: there will be spoilers.). After J.T. survivor tocantins recaps, news, spoilers, winner. (Warning: there will be spoilers.). That potential is completely squandered by the actions (and inaction) of the show’s production team, which sucks the enthusiasm out of watching the post-merge. Panama (season 12) Overall the criticism typically falls flat which is why it falls to number 15 for me on best Survivor Seasons. Micronesia: Fans vs. ^2 Erinn and Stephen did not vote as they could only vote for were each other. How do you rank the first ever season of this show? The only reason Micronesia is ranked this low is because Andy thinks the gameplay suffers based on the season’s gimmick- but he is very wrong and you should ignore his opinion. He finished the first "perfect game" in the history of the show, not having a single vote cast against him all season and earning all seven jury votes in a unanimous decision, beating out Stephen Fishbach. This season has one of the best casts among the first-timer seasons. The casting was below average on this season, although there are a few bright spots. Even the relatively minor characters have a role to play, and the season easily overcomes its very corny title. Survivor: Nicaragua (season 21) Season In order to avoid spoilers to the millions of fans who watch the show, the cast are bound by a non-disclosure agreement. Another season with a disappointing and remarkably inept cast. Season No. Borneo (season 1) Millennials vs. Gen X (season 33) This season has a pretty terrible cast- with a few stellar exceptions- but it also seemingly throws every possible twist and gimmick against the wall in order to see what might stick (at least relative to how they’d handled twists and gimmicks in the first 13 seasons). Survivor: One World Cast ­Meet the new cast of Survivor: One World! To help you out, I will give you this suggestion: do not watch Cagayan until you’ve watched at least five other seasons first. There is a series first in this season, but while it is interesting to watch that event play out, it can’t lift this season out of the lower tiers. ), 32. Pearl Islands opens the season with a 15-minute stretch that’s so good you should be hooked immediately. Survivor: Tocantinswas the sixty-sixth season of Survivor. You can help by adding to it. David vs. Goliath (season 37) Season Information (Warning: there will be spoilers.). All of our Survivor: Gabon coverage can be found here. But yes, we provided coverage for this one because it was so, so bad.). On one of these occasions, Brendan Synnott from Timbira and Taj Johnson-George from Jalapao formed a secret cross-tribe alliance for the merge, bringing in Sierra Reed and Stephen Fishbach, respectively. And yes, we realize that the title of this season doesn’t make a lot of sense when you see how the tribes are set up. If you do not want to see those spoilers, do not read the comments on this post. The Australian Outback (season 2) Thomas became the Sole Survivor on the live finale broadcast May 17, 2009. The cast on this season is generally pretty decent, and probably would have been much better if they weren’t constantly sapped of energy by lack of food and water. Survivor Tocantins is, in truth, a simultaneously great and overrated season… Which seems like an oxymoron. The season featured 18 contestants dubbed as "castaways" marooned on two separate beaches in the Tocantins. But allow me to explain. The two returning players for this season were terrible choices, and the gimmick was every bit as much of a failure here as it was the first time it was used. Previous: It was a really good idea for an alliance, and probably all would have made it to the end together. It’s hard to properly judge the cast, because the vast majority of the screen time this season goes to one person. Game Changers (season 34) The season gets more interesting after the merge and has an excellent winner, but it’s hard to get past how unappealing this cast is. Tribes: Thailand (season 5) If you’ve recently gotten into the show and have merely been binging previous seasons, that nostalgia may not hit as hard. Vanuatu (season 9) The production staff fell too in love with the blood vs. water concept after using it to great effect the first time around, and it led to some poor choices here. The winner is excellent, and redeems some mistakes made along the way with a stellar final tribal council. Your mileage will probably vary substantially on how much you like this season. The winner played a strong game relative to the competition, but watching this season is a slog. Coach and Tyson brought JT and Stephen into their alliance to over throw Brendan and Sierra. Gabon 27. into their own alliance, and the three decided to share the use of the Idol. In Tocantins, he was known for his strong strategic play, and he was described by Coach Wade as "The Wizard." Island of the Idols (season 39) The winner isn’t incredibly dynamic on the show, but does have an interesting path to victory. I’ve highly regarded Survivor: Tocantins in the past for its exceptional gameplay and entertaining characters through the pre-and-post-merge. The full cast of Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Get to know the returning 20 castaways who have been chosen by fans to compete in Survivor 's 31st season, premiering Wednesday, Sept. 23 at 8/7c on CBS. So it would have stayed hidden for awhile. Opening Sequence In a typical Survivor season, there will be players that were essentially cast to be fodder. 11. Survivor: Tocantins winner JT Thomas, who played a perfect game in that season (zero votes cast against him, won the entire jury vote) completely tarnished his … Season Run: Watch full episodes of Survivor: Tocantins---The Brazilian Highlands and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at Palau (season 10) A truly fantastic cast, with several players that have returned for future seasons of the show. All of our Survivor: Kaoh Rong coverage can be found here. All of our Survivor: David vs. Goliath coverage can be found here. This season is an all-you-can-eat buffet of amazing moments, including one of the best strategic moves the show has had and one that is often cited as the worst (but which we consistently defend as a reasonable gamble). Describing himself as "the Dragon Slayer," he boasted of his accomplishments in a variety of … (Warning: there will be spoilers.). Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS© 2011 CBS Broadcasting Inc. Kimberly Spradlin . Ghost Island (season 36) J.T. From a gameplay perspective there are interesting things that happen here, with some tricks and strategies we hadn’t often seen before. 1. At the Final Tribal Council, the jury unanimously voted for J.T. For the first time, the show brought back returning players for what truly was an all-star season. All of our Survivor: Edge of Extinction coverage can be found here. The cast is fantastic- it’s all people that have won the game, so it better be. Tocantins (season 18) Even one of the worst twists in Survivor history can’t ruin what is a fantastic season from beginning to end. The season responsible for the name of our podcast gets a few bonus points for that, and for one of the best narrative arcs of the early years of the show. Viewership (in millions): Heroes vs. Villains1121111Cagayan2332832Winners at War3218723Cambodia6444374Micronesia13659245Pearl Islands8531286Cook Islands49610497Philippines78105568Palau514111459China12109661410Tocantins187712111011David vs. Goliath151387101212Millennials vs Gen X917111391113Amazon111215131314Borneo101514151515Blood vs. Water14111216161716Australia162119171917Panama201625182218Kaoh Rong27182018261619Fiji26221417242620Caramoan22192227191821Samoa25201629202022Guatemala192423252323San Juan del Sur30291322222824All-Stars172635272125Edge of Extinction24231721302926Marquesas212730292427Game Changers23251531352728Africa333020213429Ghost Island28311928233130Vanuatu353324282531One World31282532333032HHH32341837313333Gabon38352126373534Redemption Island29372733323635South Pacific37382434343236Worlds Apart34322338363737Thailand3636393938Island of the Idols40392636383839Nicaragua39402840403940. The strategy is slightly lacking and there aren’t many gimmicks or twists, but the season makes up for it with comedy and a group of players so likable you probably won’t care much who wins the season. Since this season featured a cast voted in by the fans, the cast is an obvious strength. 6. Gallery. I also appreciated how hard the bulk of the cast was playing. A returning player season- featuring a few of the greatest and most beloved players ever- doesn’t live up to the hype. While Timbira had the numerical advantage entering the merge, they were fractured due to lack of trust. It was filmed in Tocantins, Brazil and premiered on February 12, 2009. No. Jalapão, Tocantins, Brazil Survivor: Nicaragua coverage can be found here, Survivor: Worlds Apart coverage can be found here, Survivor: Gabon coverage can be found here, Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers coverage can be found here, Survivor: Ghost Island coverage can be found here, Survivor: Game Changers coverage can be found here, Survivor: Edge of Extinction coverage can be found here, Survivor: San Juan del Sur coverage can be found here, Survivor: Kaoh Rong coverage can be found here, Survivor: Blood vs Water coverage can be found here, Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X coverage can be found here, Survivor: David vs. Goliath coverage can be found here, Survivor: Palau coverage can be found here, Survivor: Philippines coverage can be found here, Survivor: Cambodia coverage can be found here, Survivor: Cagayan coverage can be found here, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains coverage can be found here, The offseason suggestion box: Let us know what you want, The Most Influential Survivor: Lillian Morris. ... (Warning: there will be spoilers.) There are funny moments, emotional moments, and a convincing and satisfying winner. (It was not, with one exception.). The trainers gimmick is goofy fun, and the cast seems promising. Forced Order. The gameplay is great as well, with ever-shifting strategies as players jostle for position to make the most of their second shot at the game. So whether you came here to find the best or the worst Survivor seasons, we can help you out. The blood vs. water gimmick does lead to some interesting strategy, including the exact situation Survivor producers hoped for when they planned this season. Born of a thinkpiece about how millennials ruin everything, the gimmick here is basically just “old vs. young”. And because people love arguing about rankings, I’m sure you’ll want to tell us how wrong we are. Seriously, if you keep scrolling down you’re going to see comments. If this was the first season of Survivor you ever watched, I hope you enjoy whatever it is you do now on Wednesday nights instead of watching Survivor. No? voted. of Castaways: 18. of Episodes: In the heart of the Amazon, Tocantins provides an interesting and unusual environment for Survivor. This is a season you’ll likely forget completely soon after watching it. It was a very different era. In 2013, he returned … 8. The cast here is great, despite three players pulled from a very lackluster season (in Survivor‘s defense, two of them were cast just to get their partners on the show). Samoa (season 19) Even the incredibly minor ones. (Warning: there will be spoilers.). Survivor: Tocantins, also known as Survivor: Tocantins — The Brazilian Highlands, is the eighteenth installment in the U.S. reality show Survivor. The majority of the players this season were wildly popular, and had developed massive egos because of it. Edge of Extinction (season 38) So Survivor Tocantins starts next month and TV guide have released the cast. (Warning: there will be spoilers.). (Warning: there will be spoilers.). 3. After Sierra proved to the rest of the tribe that Coach and Debbie are liars who can’t be trusted, nobody seemed to mind that, voting out Sierra in Survivor: Tocantins Episode 11.. Coach doesn’t like … The Survivor producers always throw a bunch of twists out there. Africa (season 3) A definite contender for least likable cast of all time, this season also featured an incident that makes for an uncomfortable viewing experience. 7. Thomas, Jr. is the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Tocantins.He later competed on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains and Survivor: Game Changers.. Beloved by fans and fellow contestants alike in Tocantins, he commanded very strong loyalties, even to the point that some players explicitly stated that helping J.T. In the midst of a very subpar stretch of seasons- the worst downturn the show has had since the absolute nadir of seasons 21-24- this gem stands out. Since Survivor seasons are filmed so far in advance of their air date, the contestants return home for a number of months before their season is aired on television. You can do that in the comments below or on Twitter (@PurpleRockPod). For longtime fans, the nostalgia of seeing some players you haven’t seen in over a decade is strong. 14. The players were split into two tribes, Timbira and Jalapao, prior to the game. 17. This season combines returning players and family members, leading to easy emotion-laden moments that Jeff Probst can use to extract those sweet, sweet tears he needs to sustain his ageless appearance. There is one fabulous casting find here, as well as some players who have a decent grasp of strategy. Shooting occurred between October and December 2008. The season features extensive references to past Survivor seasons, so watching this one will definitely spoil you on some seasons- including some of the more memorable moments in the show’s history. But once you do watch it, you’ll get to enjoy one of the best groups of new players Survivor has ever had. James "J.T." is the initials of his first and last names. 37. Stephen Fishbach By virtue of winning the final Immunity Challenge, only J.T. Cook Islands (season 13) Winner of Survivor: Tocantins J.T. But the reality is that the cast was made to look like fodder because of the work of one of the most dominant winners the game has ever had. The landlocked location is interesting, but a ridiculously ill-advised twist gets exploited by the players. The cast here is below average, though it is supplemented by two returnees that are some of the most popular Survivor players ever (your opinions about them may vary). 36. But that narrative arc referenced earlier reaches its conclusion before the end of the season, and once that story has been told the show sort of limps to the finish line. 21. Perhaps most importantly to longtime viewers of the show, you get an update on the lives of some of your past favorites and what is likely the final appearance of many of Survivor‘s greatest players. Next: 16. 30. It also features one of the more compelling narratives the show has ever had, and gives you the rare opportunity to see in-depth strategy talk between players. In fact, our season rankings are so well-known that they’re referenced in Wikipedia footnotes and complained about on r/Survivor. All of our Survivor: Worlds Apart coverage can be found here. 15. One of the most inept Survivor casts ever from a gameplay perspective. The finale features a hilarious moment just before proceeding to final tribal council, where the right player is awarded the victory. The issue here is whether you like that narrative and the winner. Despite a few unfortunate setbacks that throw off the gameplay, it’s an enjoyable season. However, there are some excellent episodes along the way, and the winner plays a very strong game. 20. The title gives away the central conceit of the season: this is an all-winners season. 13. The cast here is great, despite three players pulled from a very lackluster season (in Survivor‘s defense, two of them were cast just to get their partners on the show). In a word: everything. by levideitz89 Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . Pearl Islands (season 7) All of our Survivor: Palau coverage can be found here.