(This "IMDB version" stands for both Japanese and English). It's form original creator, not like GT (Dragon Ball GT isn't connected to this). 9 years ago Hulu Plus subscribers can also see Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Kai on the Cartoon Network channel. That means Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super are all fair game, along with spin-offs. Somehow, Dragon Ball Super is even more of a mixed bag than Dragon Ball GT, as the former fluctuates in quality so frequently that it is simultaneously awesome and awful. Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z are the main two series. The initial manga, written and illustrated by Toriyama, was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1984 to 1995, with the 519 individual chapters collected into 42 tankōbon volumes by its publisher Shueisha. There are many mixed feelings towards GT, but you can't decide if it is good or not until you watch it. Absolutely! The original anime and Dragon Ball Z are rightfully hailed as classics, but the subsequent series are far more divisive. … Dragon Ball Z Resontly I've re-watched the Dragon Ball Z series (I watched Kai, and then continued from that point in DBZ) and was wondering if GT was any good. I'm a big fan of Shounen anime (such as, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Death Note, Ao no Exorcist...) and I've loved DBZ since my earliest age. Goku is accidentally wished back into his child form thanks to Pilaf trying to use the Black Star Dragon Balls. Super has just started and isn't complete, so you could watch all of GT now (which only has 64 episodes). Entire scenes can take on a different context in the translation, and it’s worth watching the comedic moments twice in a row to see this firsthand! Characters and events from GT have also been included in more recent Dragon Ball video games. For decades, Dragon Ball fans have wondered what a massive Dragon Ball Z RPG would look like. I have seen some discussion on whether Super or GT is better since the news of Super's hiatus reached us. GT was not based on the manga by Akira Toriyama but he considers GT to be an alternate timeline. While Dragon Ball Super has its share of detractors thanks to the show's subpar animation at times, the way fans feel about Super is nothing compared to how they feel about Dragon Ball GT.. GT came hot off the heels of the end of the Dragon Ball Z anime and would pick up where DBZ left off. Dragon Ball GT is the third part of the franchise, which you need to watch it right after the second part. The set is nice because you get all of the episodes as well as the movie. ". In the US, users have several different options to watch Dragon Ball online. In fact, some of these items aren’t even from Japan, but were born from the minds of Western toy makers. Dragon Ball Heroes, with all its cheesy stuff, is still worth watching. Dragon Ball GT is probably the weakest chapter of the Dragon Ball series, but if you’re a Dragon Ball fan I believe it’s still worth owning and watching. You are getting nothing new at all. For me it's worth it, but I don't know home much value you are getting since you rewatch the original series. I mean that the Story of Dragon Ball can end by Dragon Ball Z, or by Dragon Ball GT. But to say it clearly, this part didn’t adapt manga of Akira Toriyama, where other series followed it through the end. Dragon Ball Z Special 1: Bardock, The Father of Goku (1990) Dragon Ball Z: Summer Vacation Special (1992) Dragon Ball Z Special 2: The History of Trunks (1993) Looking Back at it All: The Dragon Ball Z Year-End Show! From what I understand, the reason for this was that the creative team behind the show wanted to have more of a "return to roots" concept and make GT revive the things that made the old Dragon Ball series fun. (2008) Watch it if you want, but it has (almost) the same story as beginning of Dragon Ball Super. So guys, which is better? There are two Gokus in the story, don't ask, just enjoy them. The original is way more realistic and doesn't involve all kinds of bogus space travel and stupidly buff creatures fighting at the speed of light. You might’ve heard some news about it being not good compared to the first two parts. Dragon Ball (Japanese: ドラゴンボール, Hepburn: Doragon Bōru) is a Japanese media franchise created by Akira Toriyama in 1984. My biggest issue with this is the packaging. the company wanted to keep going to make a profit so they mad up a terrible story line, mocked up the things that happened in the past, and disregarded the past fights. the first thing that was done wrong was Goku accidentally being turned into a child by Pilaf at the first episode of GT. And I have heard there are some fans making canon manga sequels to Dragon Ball GT. Dragon Ball GT can either be considered canon or non canon, it is up to you. 22 Rejuvenation Chamber: $200 Kai has a much more faithful-to-the-Japanese English dub than Z does, and as a result, it is often recommended for new viewers who do not wish to watch the series subtitled. * An anime that really has nothing to do with the original stories of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. It was made because fans wanted more.After departing the World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku and Uub are nearly finished with their intense training session at the Lookout. I remember I was like 3 years old, watching it in the basement with my older brother. The popular streaming service Hulu offers Japanese episodes with English subtitles of both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT. There is no order in which to watch between the two. 3. If you want something good, watch the OP and ED on youtube. Were the characters any good? … While most of the Dragon Ball series is beloved, Dragon Ball GT is much-maligned and often considered non-canon, despite technically being just as legitimate as any of the arcs.GT is in essence the Tiffany Trump of the Dragon Ball family.We don't talk about her. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot captures that fantasy — … Death Note, Full Metal Panic, Trigun, Black Lagoon there are tons of great series. Hulu has subbed Dragon Ball and GT as well. DBZ: Battle of Gods (movie) comes after Dragon Ball Z. With that said, let’s get started! Was Dragon Ball GT Good? The original creator of dragon ball/z did not continue the story after the end of the z series. Dragon Ball Super or Dragon Ball GT? Dragon Ball Legends has quickly taken over mobile phones across the world ever since it debuted last year, and Dragon Ball fans from all over have … Dragon Ball Kai (known as Dragon Ball Z Kai in the west) is Dragon Ball Z with most of the episode padding and filler content (scenes not present in the original comic book) removed. Dragon Ball tells the tale of a young warrior by the name of Son Goku, a young peculiar boy with a tail who embarks on a quest to become stronger and learns of the Dragon Balls, when, once all 7 are gathered, grant any wish of choice. Dragon Ball needs no introduction. You can find all dragon ball heroes and here is dragon ball heroes canon.Dragon Ball Z started out as Japanese manga series that follows adventure of Son Goku from his childhood through adulthood.This has now expanded to include animated feature films, television specials and games. There are two playlists- Ep# 1-6 and Ep#7-20 - on Youtube from where fans can stream the series. So, recently, I tried to watch Dragon Ball Z and Super (just a few of my favorites episodes) in English to see how they compare. I am watching it because I haven't seen Dragon Ball Z since I was in middle school. It is up to the fans to decide. The original DB is very cheeky, and even watching it in Japanese and English gives you two very different experiences. In fact, Dende considers it a miracle that the Lookout is still in one piece! I wouldn't even compare dragonball gt to dragonball z. Dragon Ball . Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super are both sequel of Dragon Ball Z but are not connected. The Return of Son-Goku and Friends!! There are two Gokus in the story, don't ask, just enjoy them. For as reviled as the Hunt for the Black Star Dragon Balls arc is, it does stand out as one of the least offensive parts of Dragon Ball GT.It rarely if ever makes for particularly compelling television, but it feels far from the worst of Dragon Ball GT.That said, so many episodes from this arc are near the bottom as far as IMDb is concerned. Pretty much just Funimation. If you're older than 12 skip the whole Dragon Ball saga and watch some anime that's worthwhile. Yeah, those who said Dragon Ball isn't worth watching has never seen the show. Both are great. We don't put her in the pictures. (1993) Dragon Ball GT: A Hero’s Legacy (1997) Dragon Ball: Yo! After finishing a marathon of Dragon Ball Super (topping it off with the excellent Dragon Ball Super: Broly), I'm in a mood to go and re-watch the entirety of Dragon Ball (skipping most of the Buu Saga and only watching select episodes of GT). Dragon Ball GT is the continuation of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball. The Goku voice actor is a legend here in México, and I have seen Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Super and some films in both Japanese (with subtitles) and Spanish. For Dragon Ball Z - The American Dragon Box Z (It's a replica of the Japanese Dragon Box Z) For Dragon Ball GT - The Green Bricks I presume FUNi's going to license the other Dragon Boxes for DB and DBGT, plus the movies/specials, so I'd hold on if you want it with the best quality. Was the story enjoyable? Like somebody else said the original Dragon Ball is much more story driven, and not purely for action junkies. With 60 Episodes of Dragon Ball Super's Anime Thus Far, Is It Truly Worth a Dragon Ball Fan's Time? This was the same process that was used during the production of the anime series Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. I think it would be a good idea to see where the board stands on this. Did Dragon Ball GT serve its purpose following the ending of Dragon Ball Z? Watching Dragon Ball online. The set is nice because you get all of the episodes as well as the movie. For Dragon Ball: Xenoverse on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Is DBZ Kai worth watching if you can't find the uncut version (english dubbed)? Though Toriyama did not personally write GT, he did strictly oversee its production. Stars: Brice Armstrong, Steve … My biggest issue with this is the packaging. As no one (surprisingly) has made a poll yet, I guess I will. What is Dragon Ball Kai? Dragon Ball GT is probably the weakest chapter of the Dragon Ball series, but if you’re a Dragon Ball fan I believe it’s still worth owning and watching.