ASME B31.3 Pipe Thickness Calculator. To calculate stock tank conditions the temperature, composition and pressure of the fluids in the reservoir is used to calculate a Formation Volume Factor. I. A Factor of safety is a design criteria that an engineered component or structure must achieve. Sheet thickness (in): K-factor: Yield strength (psi): Modulus of elasticity (ksi): Initial bend radius (in): Initial bend angle (°): Final bend radius (in): Final bend angle (°): Springback factor Ks: V-Bending Force Calculator. If a straight bevel gear is cut by a Gleason straight bevel cutter, the tooth angle should be adjusted according to: This angle is used as a reference in determining the tooth thickness, s, when setting up the gear cutting machine. Dough Balls. That is the background for the calculations. Spreadsheet calculator that follows the paragraph 304.1.2 "Straight Pipe Under Internal Pressure for t