Then you look back at previous situations and episodes and see the exact same type of interplay. I just read a short article, somewhere, I’d link it if I could remember, about ordinary couples, negotiating divorce, and agreeing not to mention ANYTHING on Facebook, twitter, or other public online outlets. Obviously this news is sad, if not surprising. I have known gay men that have relationships with women and do love them, but always have the urge to go with a man. If that is the case, I feel sorry for him. My impression of him when I saw him on the show was that he is extremely inmature. Anyone who thinks they know everything just by watching the show is sorely mistaken. I hope he gets the help he needs to be a better man. I would only give him suervised visits. I thought it was a partnership, not a dic(K)tatorship. If you took all the shows and watched them, Kate is doing things and Jon is told what to do because he flounders around without really doing things. We must make sacrafices for our children sometimes. If she had already decided to file for divorce, we know that something(s) else had been occuring. I do think a lack of mental stability and a Twitter account are a bad combination. Puhleez! Jenn would neglect him sexually and her rejection angered him until he couldn’t control his feelings. Everyone forgets it was Jenny, that wanted to move and raise the kids close to the beach. He is apparently buddies with Bryan Masche, the dude who is running for Governor of Arizona - same angry guy who accosted several lawmakers and staff in the Senate parking lot last May when the Legislature closed down because of COVID. He is what I call worthless! He was so insistent he could do the child care thing-I don’t like his “style” of punishing nor his lack of concern with knives and babies/toddlers. OK – not sure if anyone else has written this, but really – I think there may be other stuff going on. He seems like the type who would take the kids cross country, but then get overwhelmed and do something bad. / its always negativity and he puts her down. The gosselins- It’s easy to judge, and Bryan in particular makes an easy target for judgment, but these are real people who are hurting, and children whose lives may be changing drastically. Where you there when Bryan and Jenny discussed it? I just went and read it. We can hardly pay the bills. –Hopeful for full recovery of our marriage and our individual walks with Jesus. When I mess it all up he is there for me. Somehow my gut feeling says that’s a lie and it was his pushing for it since he was the one complaining about family being involved in their lives. just read on rol today that bryan is now saying that it wasn’t just the stress of a reality show that broke them up. Loading kids and guns in the car during a heated argument is a scary thing. He talks to the kids like an annoyed older brother instead of a dad. the chicken or the egg. The show really caught my eye in the beginning, but as it went on it became very stressful to me. Someone who has such anger issues has NO business being alone with 6 toddlers ever. Please, we are talking pampered princess. Hi Anya…I totally agree with you – whatever the case may be, I also hope that he can be who he really is – if I’m right. The whole thing is sad, and I hope that it does work out as best as it can. I feel so sorry for those babies but I have no doubt that Jenny is stepping up to be both an amazing mom and dad. -Same here, hubby went to counselor, who told him prior to “couples” therapy to leave me. What can I do to help, and how visibly touched she was when Jon included a promise to do so in his vow renewal vows? Bryan is a bully-short and simple. Masche is known for anchoring the WE network reality show, Raising Sextuplets, with wife Jenny. On the other hand, he was more of a class clown than an anger management case throughout his lifetime. The move to Florida was a maneuver by Jenny to get them out of the picture but it really made things worse. Snickers, As a woman I would not keep my spouse in the house if he was cheating on me. How dumb is it to leave all that family support when you are strapped for cash and need all the hands you can get with those toddlers? I read the previous ROL interview that said some thought Jennie acted unfairly by filing for separation. His unbelievable pick of a property w/3 bodies of water as a GREAT place to have the kids wander around and his reaction to her alarm that it was not acceptable. IMO after watching all sessions…is that Bryan is psychologically damage by his father, who consantly put him down, in front of his kids and family…Bryan in turn complained to Jenny that she was emasculating him. If he already tried to abduct the kids once, who’s to say he isn’t going to try it again with far more severe consequences. Im sorry her husband is a real jerk he is immature, arrogant, lazy and a loser. His attitude towards her is disgusting and she let him to a large extent to keep the peace. Bryan was arrested on the day he found out about the affair. Your email address will not be published. It becomes part of the divorce settlement…and I think it’s a great idea. Its good to know that she has strong family support and she is not alone. He really didn’t want to work too hard, but didn’t want to stay home with the kids either. One who treats her and her babies the way they deserve to be treated. Two years later, they let cameras into their home for the reality show Raising Sextuplets. Much love to you and those sweet babies! He was SO disrespectful to his own parents on the show! I agree with PeggyP. THAT is stress. She is doing the right thing no matter how hard it may be for her as a single parent of 6. You just don’t load up 1/2 the kids, put the guns in the trunk and then to top it off, resist arrest. Jenny wanted to set up a business while in Florida and flew back west to meet up with her girlfriends on a weekend retreat but instead met up with her former but now married boyfriend and had an affair with him. I hope for the whole family whether they stay together or apart can work through the issues that separate them. I think that Jon dilly’s with young girls-these are not peers but young women he manipulates. They ended up renting it for the show. Call me crazy – but….besides Bryan at least appearing narcissistic, he also comes across as frustrated sexually – I think he is gay, plain and simple. So, they had better come up with a shared custody plan and learn to get along and work together. I totally agree with this. I think she was a saint on the show..and much better parent. The house they supposedly bought in Florida? Bryan certainly has his faults but this idea that Jenny is the victim is just preposterous. KUDOS TO JENNY! I don’t know what goes on without the camera watching, but what I saw on the tv was nuts. Looks like they are good people and tried to help you all. MY advise is to start fresh with someone NEW. We never had money. Do you think he should have been angry about it? Registrieren What woman in her right mind would want to leave her family and the support they can give with that many small children? Check out ROL interview. With 6 kids all at the same age and no real discipline, she’s going to create a really ugly scene for herself and whoever she suckers next. She adores her children and I admire her so much. I thought that about him long before any of the stories of him barhopping and other problems in the marriage surfaced. I’m sorry, but unless you’re a millionaire, I don’t think any marriage can survive having sextuplets, especially during this economy. No I don’t believe it was Jenny’s idea. The few times I did watch the show I could tell it was not a happy marriage. You have done an impressive process and our entire neighborhood can be grateful to you. I see a lot of people here dumping on Brian. It happens all the time. Poor Jenny & kids, Dee, I will assume for now you truly know Bryan. No matter what, he will always be the father to the six little ones. BS! Jenny admitted she wanted to move to Florida. Hmmm……. View the profiles of people named Bryan Mashe. That is so silly since it was before his arrest and things change. OMG I just watched the marathon and boy, I was shocked by some of Bryan’s behaviour. I’m sad to hear this if it is true. A poor excuse for a husband, father, my goodness, for a man! i always thought bm treated jen horrible…the way and tone ofn his voice on moving into the new home was awful…i can’t believe her parents could keep their mouths shut…i would have laid into him….he picked the home and the paint…she couldn,t place the furniture?…give me a break….i’m sorry bit i couldn,t stand him….i am so glad she left him. I do think that Jennie’s doing the right thing. Now, following the arrest of Bryan, the couple finds itself legally separated. Sorry to be so harsh but everytime I see you on this show you become an a hole even more. She will be fine without him, she just needs to go back to Arizona with her parents, they are nice people and i know they will stand by their daughter. I wonder if his refusal to keep going on speaking engagements was due to resentment that it was becoming clearer and clearer that Kate was the draw and that she was becoming far more self-confident socially (she even started chosing her clothes without him and picking bright colors instead of the neutral shades she’d formerly hid under. She will be trying to juggle a work schedule and raising 6 alone. And now Bryan Masche is the latest example of a reality star parent driven over the edge. Seems like the problems were all ready there even before they made the move to Florida.