The 60 bus (Direction: Eastbound - Randolph/Harbor Dr) has 64 stops departing from 54th/Cermak Pink Line Station (West) and ending in Harbor Drive & Randolph (North). View and download the entire bus book, or individual routes and schedules, or create a personalized Bus Book with the bus and train routes you use the most. Timetables, stops & times (real-time), exact fares, route maps, alerts, trip planner, and phone numbers for Bus 70, OCTA. MBTA bus route 60 stops and schedules, including maps, real-time updates, parking and accessibility information, and connections. Thanksgiving Day 2020, Christmas Day 2020, and New Year's Day 2021 trips start at 4:03am with the last trip at 12:36am and most often run every 30 minutes. Santa Ana Transit later merged with other, smaller agencies throughout the county, eventually leading to the formation of OCTD. 2. Routes 20, 30 & 60 are operating on their Daily schedules.. Timetables, stops & times (real-time), route maps, alerts, trip planner, and phone numbers for Bus 50, OCTA. 60 bus Route Schedule and Stops. Service is offered on the following holidays. Select Location and Options for nearby places. Chestnut Hill - Kenmore Station. Vehicle locations with per line and per direction options. GROVE. MAP NOT TO SCALE. Routes 4, 18, 19, 34, 52/52LX, 59, 60, Suncoast Beach Trolley & Looper returned to regular frequencies in June and will remain the same. 29, 66, 70, 123, 529, 701; OC FLEX. Louisa. Números en la calle indican transbordos. Edinger. K ��8&�۬�y[��y|ݺE����2o+f�F��(&5 ����b�P� �ȋ��8&5�����c2Q�@���pQL`Fn��b�P� �ȋ��(&5�u��P\� �m`i��@qqL&ʲ���ι��6�u �eY`#���L�e�����c2Q�l`0\�,f���(&eY@#� ⢘��c2Q�6id�F�������OW����� f�F��(&=y���`#/���L� l�FP\��� ���b�P�@��b��,� h�E@\���u��P\����+�4c��d�,K�{�e�&��o��(�9�d�,l�P\����`�ᢘ�F1Y(�9��,l�P\���ְvk�5���Lz+.�]DyX�(�� ��c2Q��j OCTA 70 Bus Schedules. %���� Heim. See all locations here:, Purchase Info: Company Website © 2010-2020. 167. Alerts with system-wide, all lines, per line, and per stop options (All Travel Modes). ANAHEIM. All rights reserved. First and last buses reach mid-route stops later than these times-see schedule or … The timetable lists major time points for bus route. Timetables, stops & times (Bus Tracker), route maps, alerts, status, and trip planner for Bus 60, CTA. You can access any of these services from Stop Times, Route Map / Vehicle Locations, or the Online area. Online includes: Real-Time stop predictions. Alert. Martin Luther King. Operating days this week: everyday. STANTON. Home Schedules & Maps Bus 60 . VTA - 60 Schedule. Get two free passes, learn how to ride, and download the OC Bus mobile app here.. Bee-Line Bus operates 60 -BRONX-NEW ROCHELLE-WHITE PLAINS at New York, NY. Tustin Have suggestions about routes and schedules? Route 60 Broward Central Terminal to Highway 441 and N.W. Fri, Dec 25. Bus routes and general route descriptions are listed below. OCTA operates 80 bus routes in Orange county. Carrollton. OCTA continues to follow health guidance from federal, state and local agencies to keep the safety of riders and employees as the top priority, while helping stop the spread of COVID-19. endobj CTA 60 Blue Island/26th Schedules. Single ride fares, multi - day, youth, student, employer passes. First bus/last bus. Please board at Menomonee River Parkway or 94th Street during this time. The 70 bus (Direction: Golden West Transp Center) has 43 stops departing from Tustin Metrolink Station-Dock 7 and ending in Goldenwest Trans Ctr Dock 1. The 60 bus (Direction: Inbound-(Ib)-Crawford Village) has 45 stops departing from Boston Bridge Terminal and ending in Young Dr at Yester Sq. Service update for Monday, December 21: Local routes 10, 12, 14 & 24 are operating on their Weekday schedules.. Local routes 28, 32, 66, 67 & 68 are operating on their Monday thru Saturday schedules.. Timetables, stops & times (real-time), route maps, alerts, trip planner, and phone numbers for Bus 60, OCTA. Alert. N. Numbers on streets indicate transfers. How to get the best from your bus ticket on 60 -BRONX-NEW ROCHELLE-WHITE PLAINS?. 66. New Schedules Monday – Saturday Regular Sunday Schedule • Face Covering Required • Maintain Social Distancing Reading a Timetable - It’s Easy 1. Daily trips most often run every 30 minutes. Bus Stop Changes - Route 60 - November 2 (temporary) November 2: The Route 60 stops (#5381 & #5858) at Burleigh & Colonial has been temporarily discontinued. Change Direction of Trip. Routes 34, 40, 42, 44, 48 & 62 are operating on their Weekday schedules.. delays due to the I-405 Improvement Project. ... ADA Bus Stops: has 79 stops departing from Figueroa / Sunset and ending in Artesia Station. 15 Street via ... Due to COVID-19, BCT is operating a Saturday schedule daily, Monday through Saturday. Direction of your trip: Inbound to Kenmore Station . OCTA 50 Long Beach - Orange Schedules. It originally started as Santa Ana Transit, a small transit agency with five bus routes operating in Orange County. Click here for more reduced fare ID options. OCTA Local Routes: 1 - Pacific Coast Highway ( San Clemente - Long Beach ) 20 - Imperial Hwy ( Yorba Linda - La Harbra ) 21 - Valley View St. ( Huntington Beach - Fullerton ) 24 - Chapman Ave. ( Fullerton - Orange ) 25… 60 bus Route Schedule and Stops. Join a virtual public meeting on October 14 regarding OCTA’s exploration of future bus service options on I-5 and SR-55. Daily trips have at most 71 stops with a total travel time of about 1 hour 26 minutes. Trip updates. OC Bus service has been adjusted to modified Saturday service levels, with added trips on busier routes to accommodate social distancing. Schedule Info & Maps Alerts 1. Our mission is to develop and deliver transportation solutions to enhance the quality of life and keep Orange County moving. Upcoming Holidays. All routes not mentioned will operate on a Saturday schedule every day except Sundays - when they will run on a regular Sunday/Holiday schedule. Get Directions Clear Recent Directions My Directions Reverse, + My Directions + My Places (From) + My Stops (From) + My Places (To) + My Stops (To). On Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day, OC Bus will operate on a Sunday schedule. This bus line present 4 locations to be ride to and from.. Offering departs or arrivals dailly, those 4 points are c alled Mamaroneck, White Plains, Fordham, New Rochelle.. Bee-Line Bus provides a total of 68 bus schedules every day. %PDF-1.5 Alert. Daily service includes travel to 1ST-CENTENNIAL, FRUIT-TUSTIN (ZONE 1), 7TH-CHANNEL, and MAIN-LOCUST. Schedule and map links. Alert. MUST SHOW PROOF OF AGE OR DISABILITY TO OPERATOR. Freret. Operating days this week: everyday. Major route intersections are called time points. GOLDENWEST TRANSPORTATION CENTER AREA/ PARK-AND-RIDE. Choose Bus or Streetcar Tchoupitoulas. Relax and let someone else do the driving as you enjoy the season. OC Bus Route 60 - Long Beach - Tustin via Westminster, 17th. E˜ective October 11, 2020 | LEGEND. OC Bus riders can use an app to make sure their bus has enough available seats. It is responsible for carrying thousands of passengers daily. The company is an important transport agency in the state of California, CA. Stops Lines Trip Plans Locations History Site Settings. During most snow conditions routes 3 and 4 will operate via the snow routing as shown in this timetable. VTA Route List » « Route 60 » 60 Schedule. 1 0 obj Day of Travel. ◄ Browse Schedules   |   ► Other OCTA Lines   |   + My Lines, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday trips start at 3:55am with the last trip at 12:35am and most often run every 30 minutes. *Route is based on the trip with the most stops for the Schedule. Sunday trips start at 4:03am with the last trip at 12:36am and most often run every 30 minutes.*. Hayne. Bus service operated by Orange County Transportation Authority. Addit In the rare event that Metro declares an emergency, Route 3 to Madrona and North Queen Anne Hill, and Route 4 to Judkins Park, will not operate, but Route 3 to Madrona, and Route 4 to East Queen Anne Hill and Judkins Park, will operate. LOS. 2 0 obj Reduced fares for seniors and disabled. 3. Replace [stop_code] with the actual code. Orange County Transportation Authority provides transit services in California. St. Claude. Multi-day passes are based on the number of consecutive days beginning on the first day of use. View Schedule Information. Select in Stop Times for more specific holiday information. 70 bus time schedule overview for the upcoming week: Starts operating at 5:23 AM and ends at 9:32 PM. For seniors 60 and older and persons with disabilities. Click HERE to view October Service Change Highlights For new schedules beginning with a new BM&G, please see the section below current schedules. GARDEN. Tenga en cuenta: Esta ruta puede tener retrasos. Change Date: Schedule for: Today. Galvez. The map shows the exact bus route. Payment Gateway:, Retail Outlets: Orange County Ralphs, Northgate, Vons, or Pavilions supermarket. Thursday and Friday trips start at 3:55am with the last trip at 12:36am and most often run every 30 minutes. Destinations include VA Long Beach, CSU Long Beach, Santa Ana College, Bowers Museum, Westminster Center, Westminster High School, Kindred Hospital Westminster, Rose Center Theater, Westminster & Magnolia, Garden Grove Plaza, Westminster & Euclid, Leisure World, Santiago High School (Garden Grove), … }�^�����x;���ǿ���Lj�/�x������������z�˷�/�������?|��?�]����.�>�/�a���˸-�:^��'���L��Mr�#�Sw�c��k�O\�l;s�3�4�b��,f�ء˴�LC���q`Kʎ���޹ Scheduled *Some trips may carryover to the next day; service dates are assumed over at 3:59am. Huntington Beach to Irvine. $5.00 (without transfer) upon boarding, $1.00 (without transfer) upon boarding. Holidays. MAPS AND SCHEDULES. If you require a large format schedule, please contact us at 802-864-2282 and your request will be processed immediately. Weekends. Route 300X returned to service in October. OCTA operates bus across California, CA. Daily travel to 7TH-CHANNEL, MAIN-LOCUST starts at 1st-centennial and Fruit-tustin (zone 1). Meats. 70 bus Route Schedule and Stops. Service description: See schedule for full details. For OCTA service alerts, please check the Moovit website for real-time info on bus status, bus delays, changes of bus routes, changes of stops and any service changes. 60, 64, 66, 71, 79. Route 60 | 35th-Allegheny to Richmond-Westmoreland. Routes not listed are currently not in operation. 60 bus time schedule overview for the upcoming week: Starts operating at 4:37 AM and ends at 11:00 PM. The 60 bus (Direction: Artesia Sta.) Time points are shown with the symbol o. Administrative Offices 345 Sixth Ave, 3rd Floor Pittsburgh, PA 15222 412.566.5500 Downtown Service Center 623 Smithfield Street Pittsburgh, PA 15222 <>/XObject<>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/Font<>>>/MediaBox[ 0 0 540 738]/ArtBox[ 0 0 540 738]/TrimBox[ 0 0 540 738]/Type/Page/Parent 16 0 R /Contents 2 0 R /Rotate 0/CropBox[ 0 0 540 738]/Tabs/S>> ◄ Back to Full View - - The First Stop For Public Transit. Regular service that falls on a holiday is never completely dropped for dates within the current data publication. E˜ecte Octoer 00 50 Long Beach to Orange via Katella Ave ORANGE. Alert. ,5���L��KU*�ᢘ����TQ@��䡼,Y Xj ��1��k��5z���n(�t� � \��Q 6��B @#/⢘. K ��8&XVaO�(,5���L`Y`O��J�`�(&��b�VQPj��b��e�4��R .���U��( <>stream You must enable JavaScript in your browser's Options or Settings for this Site to respond. K ��8&�[Rv������R(.��������y��UQ���CK�Μ�n�����(&��Y2v�z�z]-n �E1yؒ�c�[w���P\�Ɂ-)�7�0v��7���Lv�*�����ݮz(������b��,��4�8 .��C�-`#����L��629(.��D�-�.�E1y`l��\ 6��B�-@#�⢘6�8(.��D�-���� ��8&5�Hs�\>o�8���[`F&��b�Pc��‸(&5���,��c2Qc��䠸8&5���䁱fdr��(&5� �,��b�Pc��⠸8&5��7���L��"�=r��w�[��>��fdr��(&5� �,��b�Pc��⠸8&5���L��c2QcK����pQL[`F&��b�Pc��‸(&5���,��c2QcK�n(I�P\��[���|�뢇�k�O��%����QLzl 4�8 .��C�-�F��1��%��䠸8&=����Ɩ0#��F1Y�%��‸(&=�Y�d��c�P�P\� ,;���?p�8g��J�?�|�U��( Holidays are not necessarily observed and service may not be different from the usual for the day. Note: This route may experience intermittent. OCTA's predecessor agency, the Orange County Transit District, was created in August 1972 by a referendum of county voters. OCTA bus 43 at the Fullerton Transportation Center The Orange County Transportation Authority ( OC Bus ) provides local, cross-county, and intercounty bus service in Orange County , California . x�����$�q湯��W���wW>&iy����9����R#il�������"≌�Ȏ��A�ȕz�QOf׷�*�����_���˰�wO��p�|����߇�7?_���_�|��͗���7��_��o.�����o��|��w����'��/?�t����?��?^�n�����^���z���~���z�.�n���o��������|cUk�ΛR����GE"'��(l-�[F���a|�������� ������ߎ�����n�����߿��~~����� �۟?]>z������r��w�����O�ǟ�ty�?�߽׷�~����˻yؕ�����_�5��?UO��p뮏��}�����]�����t��~�?�nz�պa�n�u�j�v�����Iu���3��q�?�r��~jò�������/?����GO�|t�ѧ�����u���������_?��:w�ޭG��t���ѓG�}�赵��L~sy�n�rG_�����/���^�s���o��͗����_?,,,, Official OCTA Data Thru Feb 13, 2021Updated Oct 1, 2020, Refresh Map Locate Stop Refresh WhereNow Cancel   Options. Spans of service below show when first bus departs terminal of origin through last bus departs terminal of origin. Bus Stop Upgrades Coming to Santa Ana. Current Schedules: Bus Map and Guide, effective June 17, 2019: Click Here. 60 bus time schedule overview for the upcoming week: Starts operating at 3:57 AM and ends at 10:30 PM. CYPRESS. Christmas Day. Real-time Info Helps Riders with OC Bus Capacity. Instructions: Click/Tap to highlight the row & column. OCTA The OCTA has 60 Bus routes in Los Angeles with 5242 Bus stops. Operating days this week: everyday. 60. Daily travel to 1ST-CENTENNIAL, FRUIT-TUSTIN (ZONE 1) starts at 7TH-CHANNEL and MAIN-LOCUST. 60 bus Route Schedule and Stops. Last updated: October 2020. 60 bus time schedule overview for the upcoming week: Starts operating at 6:27 AM and ends at … View the holiday schedules here and download them from the Bus Book.. New to OC Bus? ALAMITOS. Schedules By Name Schedules By Region Stops Near Me Stops Nearby... #Stop Code / ID. Canal. On the holidays above, trips start at 3:55am with the last trip at 12:35am and most often run every 30 minutes. intermitentes debido al I-405 Proyecto de Mejora. Alert. Emergency Service/Snow. Scroll/Swipe left and right for longer schedules. LEYENDA. For the Accessible Transit Schedule, tab or click the link to navigate to the schedule. OCTA 60 Long Beach - Tustin Schedules. Alert. OCTA bus schedules, lines, routes, and stations overview by TrainUS.