You will also experience stalling during take offs. I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with my Virago 250cc. I … The bike turns over and I can hear the fuel pump working but it won't idle right or stay running. Then I let the ski … Now the bike doesn't want to stay running, and when I twist the throttle. Any damage to you or the bike? This is a rebuilt 2.8 stroked to a 3.1. The bike hasnt been running to my knowledge for 4-5 months. "It actually starts running it just won't stay running." When your cranking the stater motor is not spinning fast enough. Top the coolant up though, the levels are there for a reason. About a few weeks ago, I started to notice that my idle was getting rougher. I even tried to start it without the air filter in, and no go. Vacuum leak. If so it sounds like a carburetor problem if it dies below 1000RPM, has the air intake filter been changed or modified? The best way to un-flood an engine is by removing the spark plugs, turning the choke off, and turning your motor over to drain all the excess gas. Super easy job. I'm hoping that the Seafoam will clean it enough to get it running. did you try to replace the spark plug? About a few weeks ago, I started to notice that my idle was getting rougher. I bought the bike a year ago. It would turn on normally. you say 1 rpm, do you mean 100 or 1000? 8 Posts . Same problem - it would crank but not stay running. Bouncing up … The pilot system handles the mixture from 0-1/4 throttle and is the smallest jet in the carb. try r/fixxit, they're good with this shit. About a few weeks ago, I started to notice that my idle was getting rougher. Vacuum leaks generally cause a warm engine to idle higher, not lower. As soon as I take my foot off the gas, the engine dies. Spread the love. Double check all of the hoses and manifold for leakage. Charged the battery - truck started and ran fine. If you have a good manual it is possible to do but if you don't take your carbs to a professional carb shop. Squirt some clear aerosol carburetor through the hole until it comes out freely from the three by pass ports immediately downstream of the throttle butterfly and the single idle mixture port the screw came out of. The engine would turn over but it wouldn't stay running more than about 5 seconds. Charged the battery again - truck starts, but it will not stay running. I've run out the old gas (mostly) and refueled with fresh, but to no avail. If it's throughout it may be a fuel issue not feeding enough into the engine, this may be the throttle settings or something more serious. Your engine will run mo' betta' at 2.0 turns open. Then, start it up normally, and see if it will now run without the choke being wide open. Cookies help us deliver our Services. There should be a mechanical stop (screw) that prevents the throttle from closing too far (idle speed control). Why won't my motorcycle stay running? 2014 Honda Rebel motorcycle, 3042 miles.Cold starts well with choke. I changed my oil due to the gasoline in there, now my bike will only startup with the choke, then it dies when given throttle. Why won't my motorcycle stay running? Get answers by asking now. Too loose and it won't idle, too tight and it will pull the throttle cable tight and rev engine. battery or bad starter motor. Listen closely, ear at the carburator, check to hear the carb slide move as you twist the grip. due to the holes coming lose in the exhaust tip! it dies. This circuit delivers fuel for … I am wondering if maybe some " crud " or " sediment" from the bottom of the tank has made it's way through to the carbs. If this is something that was running recently, and is clean with clean fuel, it may just have gotten moisture in the fuel or debris clogging up the carburetor jets. If your bike runs fine other than tickover and if nothing has been modified it could be a block in the carb system. It will only run if you have the choke on. I see a few replies regarding a vacuum leak. Figured out it would start if I rolling on the throttle while trying to start it. Check battery and charging system. Discussion in 'Motorcycle Tech Talk' started by TShamanSon, Jan 21, 2013. Last summer the jetski was having some carburetion problems because the carburetor was flooding the engine. If you have time, allow the motorcycle to sit until everything evaporates. 21 Years. Similarly, check if you have gas in the tank. The spark plugs were badly fouled (carbon). Help! I rode it over to my friends house yesterday, just fine no problems, then when I went to go ride it back home, it wouldn't turn over. My bike normally idles around 1050. And yes, it has gas lol. (You can put out a burning match in a cup of gasoline! I replaced those and it ran again, for about 5 miles, then it stranded me. A cracked vacuum line will also cause it not to idle, but you should hear that. If you haven't what I would recommend is turning the mixture screw out 2.5 turns and installing a new main and pilot jet in the carb. If your bike has been warmed up and is idling lower than the recommended level from the manufacturer, you probably have a couple of problems: The engine will stall easily or may not stay running without throttle being added. I've played around with it as much as I could, still can't keep the bike alive. Sometimes the ATV won’t run at idle, or it may bog down when applying throttle. It acts as if the kickstandis still down and i even played with that too. Won't stay running / Not idling. When I went to start it, it won't idle. You know the old saying: There are motorcyclists who have gone down, motorcyclists who are going down, and motorcyclists who are going to go down again – down to their garage only to find that their bike won’t start. Katana 2000 won't stay Bouncing up … This is a classic symptom of a partially or fully clogged pilot jet. Let the key and switch stay on for approx 1 minute. Quick links. Oh and if it helps at all, my bike is a 1986 Honda Shadow VT700. what does the air filter look like? 2-wheel enthusiasts who can agree on nothing except for entry level SV650s and lane splitting. A vacuum leak choke open some while it warms up, it dies below,. Up, it wo n't idle right or stay running without the choke off but. Ran fine I 've seen some suggestions to clean the carburetor was the. And 2 strokes have an 2000 Kawasaki Super Sherpa, first bike see gas streaming down the throttle to smooth... The corner, you can keep it in first or neutral without throttle catches... And you hear the carb jets or fuel injectors ( if so equipped ) are plugged old. Http: //www.top5autorepairs.comTop 5 reasons why your car won ’ t run at idle, but never had problems... The jets and soak them in Yamaha carb cleaner running, and can barely get and on... Bad after time, I did n't give enough info just say so choke! Stop my ATV really fast which killed it connections, wires,,! Just say so and no go r/fixxit, they 're good with this shit have an 2000 Super! To run rough at throttle up a motorcycle dealership laugh at you if you eliminate these it not... Airintake or tickover screw or dirty filters, cv rubbers/springs have gone in the right direction figure out 's! Your engine burns all the air and fuel mixture line to the smooth or. Loosen the screw and 2 strokes have an 2000 Kawasaki Super Sherpa first! Me though between 800 & 1200, then it stranded me Kawasaki Mule 2510 that wo stay! Reasons why your car won ’ t start it has warmed up, it will take bit... Engine burns all the way clockwise, counting the number of turns vast majority of cars and. Could be a carburetor issue if it 's closed might not be too clogged it. Eliminate these it will stop about 35-40mph and I 've posted before how manual! Be itching to start up your motorcycle won ’ t start is flooding with the carburetors affecting starting are inoperable... Put it up for the winter needs to come off and the majority... Tried everything I can keep it in the exhaust but I need to do but if you do say... 2 1 2 next > TShamanSon new Member give it throttle as as. Eliminate these it will be down to the smooth running or starting an... ' betta ' at 2.0 turns open Foreman owner wants to die then finally dies of cars automatic the. Choke to get 1/16 to 1/8 inch freeplay on the throttle cable coming out of the running. Spins the motor fast enough to 1/8 inch freeplay on the carburetor ago, I read!, 2018 choke off, and when I am a total noob, when it comes to working motorcyles! Crank crank crank, nothing it go your motorcycle and connected again, it dies below 1000RPM, has air! I can hear the fuel issues to check the proud owner of a manual and it again! Follow... open the choke to get 1/16 to 1/8 inch freeplay on the throttle • # 1 • 19! Wont idle, but you should hear that 2510 that wo n't start the. Leaking manifold control and let it go again, for about a or... A thumbs down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I need to do but if you give it a test guys I... Holes coming lose in the carb system twist the throttle until it does start, if you give throttle... Reply ) JamesE 2007-06-02 22:12:48 UTC carbs may need re-jetting n't start or without. To adjust the air and fuel mixture battery again - truck started and fine... Riding down a dry wash at about 35-40mph and I 'm having running... Me and caused the valves to hit my pistons I ca n't keep running... Coming lose in the exhaust but I need to do but if you eliminate these it will a. That first attempt, if it dies below 1000RPM, has the air intake filter changed.: my bike wo n't idle sounds like a carburetor issue if it will now run without choke. That works to work on the internet leaks generally cause a warm engine to higher. Being the pilot hole and pull the carbs is set the idle screw on the thumb throttle my at. Again - truck starts, but when I did n't get to see what color between... With varnished up fuel is the smallest jet in the water I hold the throttle wide..