Protect Yourself: Guide To Choosing A Home Defense Optic, Buyer Guide: Best Scopes of For Your Remington 700, Buyer Guide: What to Consider When Buying a Night Vision Scope, Buyers Guide: Choosing Best Long Range Rifle Scope & Top Picks. Unlike the RCO models which had a Chevron and Bullet Drop Chart (BDC) that went out to 800m, these have a BDC that goes out to 1000m. Sergeant/USMC/Infantry Squad Leader, […] optic felt solid in the hand. The Scope That Changed Everything The Trijicon ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) 4x32 BAC is a fixed power, compact riflescope with a dual-illuminated reticle (tritium and fiber optics) for domination in bright to low/no light. All Hello, Sign in. Good article. All it lacks are the wind holds that the ACSS reticles have. The ACOG is also completely waterproof, which for the amphibious Marines, is a major advantage. Those are important. TRIJICON - ACOG 4x32MM BAC RIFLE SCOPES. Mattis, Commanding General of the 1st Marine Division during Operation Iraqi Freedom, called them "the biggest improvement in lethality for the Marine infantryman since the introduction of the M1 Garand in WWII." Buy Trijicon 4x32 ACOG USMC Rifle Combat Optic Riflescope featuring Matte Black, Flat-Top Mount, Designed for M16M4, Self-Illum. The most recent one I bought was the terminus Optics Scope off of Amazon. You won’t mistake the UTG for a Trijicon ACOG, but it didn’t feel ‘cheap’. The optic always performed. I know they are different from the scopes you used in Vietnam(35 years ago), and I want you to know that there are 2 stadia line segments to the left and right of the red, fiber-optic illuminated, chevron in the middle. They should have come up with a reticle based on the standard 62 grain round and incorporated BDC. That optic got moved to the M27 IAR when the USMC switched over, and now the Corps is having the 4X Rifle Combat Optics (RCO) scopes get this reticle. SAVE $402.41. Contact us via, © All Rights Reserved, Trijicon ACOG 4×32 Review Through The Eyes Of US Marine. 10 Item(s) ... 4x32mm Fixed Red Chevron USMC Reticle Black W/TA51 Mount. As previously explained, we have these 14.5-16.6 inch barreled guns, and 20-20.5 inch barreled guns. It allowed for better accuracy at farther distances. Mfr Part: 100230. The ACOG was originally designed to be used on the M16 rifle and M4 carbine, but Trijicon has also developed ACOG accessories for other firearms. You can’t beat an acog. The fit and finish is remarkable, and even with years of abuse holds up. Try Prime. Stalking in the fields or mountains however may require a variable optic with both close range […], […] ACOG by Trijicon is an optic in a class by itself. IN A HURRY? At qualification every year, it was almost too easy to effectively hit targets. At close ranges, and I’m talking close quarter battle ranges, the optic is still capable. The optic can be used for hunting, for home defense, or just target shooting. Review: Testing EoTech G33 3x Magnifier On Our XPS2, A Guide To The Best Hunting Scope in 2015 |, Why Trijicon Acog 4x32 Clones Equal Useless Crap |, Hands On Review: Leapers UTG 3-9x32 Bug Buster |, Mark AR Mod 1 1.5-4x Review - Leupold AR Platform Scope |, Getting Started: Long Range Shooting With Iron Sights |, 4 Rules To Follow When Trying To Buy An Used Optic |, How To Clean Your Rifle Scope & Perform Maintenance |, How To Successfully Use 1 Scope With Multiple Rifles |, Russia & CIS Defense Policy Blog » USA Soldiers Using Latest Acog Optics, Russia?