Luckily, there are plenty of, Icelandic food and drink go hand in hand when trying out the best tastes in the country. There are many other fascinating facts about Iceland to discover too. Why people are so bothered by the commercial whaling is beyond me, especially when we actually are keeping on top of things unlike some of our counterparts in other parts of the world. Check out three of the most, If whale meat interests you, it can be tasted at certain restaurants in downtown. Though, both of these can be made difficult to see thanks to Iceland's ever-changing weather. Fasntastic pictures and info. So why does everyone obsess over Icelandic hot dogs? Share this article: It’s all about tradition. If nothing else, I guarantee it’ll only make you love this fun but slightly odd country that much more. We learned most of this while on our trip, but your posting helped us remember it (you learn so much, so quickly there, that you have a tendency not to recall all of it until needed). i plan to go there one day. Awesome! Try the traditional Icelandic food at a Christmas buffet; Visit the Árbæjarsafn museum; Walk around the Reykjavik botanic garden; Check out a Christmas market; Go on a Christmas tour; Visit the Blue Lagoon; If you are planning on staying in Reykjavík then check out the 2017 opening hours here and for the Christmas buffet we recommend reserving a table in advance. Did you take these pics? Another iconic Icelandic food: the hot dog, or "pylsur." World Cuisine. Because it's located on the Mid-Atlantic ridge, Iceland is an incredibly active country geologically. The Iceland story was started by Sir Malcolm Walker, who began selling loose frozen food in Oswestry in the early 1970's. Even with crappy weather, I loved traveling there! I believe the Icelandic company, running McDonalds here, tried to get an exception from this rule, because we have excellent sources of meat, corn and vegetables in Iceland, but it wasn’t granted. Ah, love it! Beer making has captured the hearts of Icelanders and now everyone seems to be brewing. During some of the events inspired by the romantic folkloric revival, people consume brennivín, an alcoholic beverage called "black death," along with fermented shark meat and smoked lamb, which is served at festive occasions. Distinctively Icelandic foods includefish, skyr ( a yogury-like dairy product), hanhikjöt (smoked lamb), sviŏ (singed sheep’s head),hákari (cured shark), and harŏfiskur (dried fish pieces eaten with butter or coleslaw for a snack). They also sell non-frozen grocery items such as produce, meat, dairy, and dry goods. Icelanders get basically all its electricity and heat from... 3. Most people who grow produce do so inside greenhouses! Children in Iceland will place their shoes on the window sill each night from December 12th on in hopes of goodies. There are a however some things raise the eyebrows of tourists travelling in Iceland. 48. I have tons of Iceland posts coming up over the next few weeks, so definitely check back every few days! It’s an island isolated from the other parts of Europe, famous from the amazing nature, awesome landscapes and (since recently) a place where the Game of Thrones was filmed. It's absolutely amazing. I want to go back already! 50. Iceland is also the land of light and darkness. There are a however some things raise the eyebrows of tourists travelling in Iceland. I enjoyed reading these fun facts and the photos you took! The meat is mostly served smoked. Iceland was formed by some pretty harsh phenomena: volcanoes and glaciers. Explore. Does purposely beating up someone not constitute as violent crime? Join one of our local food tours from Reykjavík! I’ve been wanting to visit Iceland for years and now I’m even more desperate to go! History. Today, there are lots of microbreweries in Iceland (just like in most other countries), and you can even relax in a beer spa close to Akureyri in northern Iceland. Very few fossil fuels are burned here (there are even some hydrogen buses driving around Reykjavik! But if you won’t have a car, there are tons of companies that offer full-day tours to all different parts of the country from Reykjavik. Though it’s a controversial food, many say it is the best meat they’ve ever tasted! There are many amusing stories and legends about these creatures, and Icelanders go so far as to postpone construction projects if it's believed that something is going to be built where elves currently live. 1970. Which ones you tried? Iceland celebrates Beer Day (Bjórdagurinn) each year on March 1. Iceland is surrounded by ocean, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that fish and seafood is... Svið – Sheep’s head. I recommend the Rey Apartments for both location and coziness (plus, having a small kitchen helps cut down on food costs!). Similar to malt beer but non-alcoholic. Sure you (and Wikipedia) can call them mountains. […] Iceland. And then there are the “wild” hot springs that people swim in that come in all different forms from small pools to heated rivers. Lol. There’s no franchises allowed here so you won’t find any of them. Sample some of the BEST food in Iceland on The Reykjavík Food Walk. The fact about the mountains isn’t really true… All mountains are volcanic, but there are two types of them; First, the ones that form as volcanic eruptions under glaciers but don’t manage to break their way through the ice, then the glacier eventually melts and after stands a mountain with near vertical slopes and a flat top due to the movement of the glacier. And no McDonalds? I learnt so much from this and it really interested me so I would love to pay a visit at some point in the future, although I am definitely not down for eating whales! Iceland, the UK’s leading frozen food specialist, is committing to become the first major retailer globally to eliminate plastic packaging from all of its own brand products by the end of 2023. Try any of the local bars for, Want to spend a night sampling the best beers in Reykjavik? The half of the population of the country lives in capital Reykjavik and its nearby areas. Apples The mountain was there but couldn’t be seen until the glacier was gone. There are no traditional surnames here; instead, Icelandic people have patronymic last names, with their last names deriving from their's father's name. The country has a very small population of 270,000. I’m from iceland and it’s kind of rare that people around here believe in elves Greenland was colonizedby pe… Fun fact: There are 3x times more lamb then Icelanders on our small island (around 800.000) and we've figured out a … The island is also free from mosquitos. Photo: Maitito . There are many names that are banned, and anyone wanting to name their child something that's not already on the list has to submit it for approval. Flatkaka með hangikjöti is similar to skyr in that it’s a traditional Icelandic food that’s been on Icelanders’  tables for centuries. Sign up here to get exclusive travel tips, deals, and other inspiring goodies delivered to your inbox. I’m planning to add Iceland to my bucket list right now. The meat is tasty, soft and very much like beef. What to pack for Iceland: Essentials for winter include silk leggings and a thermal shirt, warm socks like Heat Holders, a waterproof outer layer (I like my Columbia ski pants), and some winter hiking boots. RELATED: Relaxing at Iceland's Blue Lagoon. After that most of the poison has broken down into ammonia. The Land of Fire and Ice has become a tourism darling in the past couple of years – and for good reason: Iceland is an incredible country, with features that you won't find anywhere else in the world. with all those gorgeous girls there i may not want to come back. 39. Which, frankly, is amazing! I am not worrying of McDonalds, I am just wondering does the land grow any crops as most of the lands are covered with Lava. This fact makes Iceland a fairly “young” country when it comes to settlement, and also contributes to its distinct cultural background. Icelandic is the official and national language of Iceland. But Iceland was actually shaped by glaciers! The process starts now and Iceland is challenging itself to complete it within the … The Icelandic Horse is one of the purest and oldest breeds in the world. Some classify skyr as cheese, but it’s more commonly recognized as a thick yogurt. Site by Performance Foundry, Travel looks very different right now depending on where you're from and where you're going. Unfortunately, Iceland DOES still have biting midges (sand flies), which can sometimes be even worse than mosquitos. 6 Dioxins Dioxins are a group of chemicals, all of which have similar structure and properties. Restrictions were lifted on some alcohol as time passed, with things like wine and liquor legal again by the 1930s. Home » Europe » Iceland » 20 Fun Facts About Iceland. It’s one of the more traditional Icelandic foods you can try. In the late 19th century, Danish culture began to heavily influence Iceland. 15. Actually Reykjavik did have two McDonalds in the city but due to the company’s need for consistency in the food, everything had to be shipped into the country. It is considered an insular language in that it has not been influenced greatly by other languages and so has not changed all that much since the 9th and 10th centuries. i see on the news kids in school with no food or home im so sick of it here. Iceland is a small island nation that is Europe's westernmost country and home to the world’s northernmost capital, Reykjavik. Photo: The blanz Skyr - The Icelandic Yogurt. While definitely European/Scandinavian in nature, the country of Iceland is unique in so many ways that I felt its quirkiness deserved an entire post of its own. It’s sweet and dark in color and contains licorice. by . In the past, Icelandic food had to be stored in a way that allowed it to last for a long period. 10 Fun Facts About Iceland for Kids. If you mix Appelsín and Malt together, you have the perfect blend! . We had several McDonalds restaurants in Iceland for many years and Icelanders not wanting them here is not the reason they’re gone. The pillars of Icelandic cuisine are meat, dairy, and fish. It has been a part of Icelandic cuisine for over a thousand years. Hot dogs, fish, soup, yogurt, tomatoes and orange soda. Iceland is … Iceland is no different! No mountains, only valleys?…Definitely an interesting fact…. May 2018 By: Þorsteinn (Thor) So you're traveling to Iceland, huh? This resulted in the most expensive McDonalds in the world that simply could not be sustained. Served with potatoes, butter and ketchup. In fact, Reykjavík is the only capital city in Western Europe without a McDonald's. As a result, Danish cuisine started to appear in Icelandic dishes. Fish, lamb and dairy products feature prominently in the traditional Icelandic diet. Cereal, pancakes, fruit and coffee is the traditional bre… Great job! It’s the perfect way to warm up after a day out adventuring. But, according to guides I had, Iceland was carved out by glaciers, so really the “mountains” are just what was left over after the glaciers moved through. Food and Economy Food in Daily Life. Beer is cherished The only thing that really disturbs me is commercial whaling. Aren't they just hot dogs? Some of the traditional Icelandic food is very shocking for foreigners. Learn some interesting information about Iceland while enjoying a range of fun facts and trivia that's perfect for kids! This is why almost all Icelanders' last names end in either -son or -dottir (daughter). 2. Iceland’s food prices aren’t always easy on the pocket. Where to stay in Iceland: Reykjavik is a great base, especially in the winter months since most tours start and end there. This, of course, is quite controversial, and has caused tension between the peaceful country and other nations. It doesnt sound like much, but these are the six best things to eat in Reykjavik, Iceland especially if youre visiting Reykjavik on a budget (and, honestly, even if your funds are limitless, these classic Reykjavik food items should be on your must-eat list of Icelandic cuisine). Enjoy! God knows what else is out there happening! There are multiple airlines that fly there, including some budget airlines. From January 1, 1915 to March 1, 1989 (that's 74 years! Here is a list of twenty top strange and awesome facts about Iceland. #1: Iceland’s name is a ruse. And in Iceland, these hot springs and pool are used year-round, even during the winter months. Except for a brief interruption from 1799-1844, Iceland’s independent commonwealth has been governed by the Althingi parliament since 930, the world’s oldest extant parliamentary institution. Perhaps we can even chat with the likes of Shakespeare, right? Of course, they LOOK like mountains, and some small ridges ARE formed by earthquakes and solidified lava, but yes, most of the country was carved out by glaciers! USD. You step onto the road, and, if you don't keep your feet, there's no telling where you might get swept off to." Hakarl is fermented shark and the most famous food in Iceland. Despite its northern location, the climate is relatively mild - but definitely not warm. Well, they're made with lamb in addition to the usual pork and beef parts. If you’re brave enough to give it a try, an experience eating hakarl will certainly be an authentic story to take home with you. I can tell you a mountains are not like the Himalaias ,,the highes is volcano about 2,5 km ,,,I think is funny to write that called a valley .. We just returned from Iceland and our 5 day stay was too brief! However, when the Vikings arrived, they forested the crap out of it, cutting down almost all the native tress in the country. These foods are a tradition in Iceland, and you see them especially during Þorri in the months of January and February. Want to spend a night sampling the best beers in Reykjavik? A must try. The Icelandic horse has been bred in its pure form for over one thousand years. Iceland, country of geothermal pools and northern lights, volcanoes, and glaciers, is a prosperous nation. Although, the no McDonald’s might be a bit of an issue for me… , But just think how many weird food adventures you could have, Lauren!! Here are some weird facts about Iceland food: 54) Visitors can taste things like whale, puffin, fermented shark, sheep’s head, dried fish, and pickled ram’s testicles! Iceland quickly became reliant on subsistence farming until a small ice age occured in the 14th century. Because the whole country is essentially “alive” with volcanic activity, the nation harnesses hydro and geothermal energy to power more than 80% of the country. You can also give it a try at restaurants in downtown Reykjavik. This, of course, is quite controversial, and has caused tension between the peaceful country and other nations. The entire country of Iceland (which covers roughly the same area as the U.S. state of Kentucky) only holds a population of a little over 300,000 (as opposed to Kentucky, which has a population of more than 4.3 million). The country has a very small population of 270,000. Iceland received heavy rainfall annually. I’m dying to know whether you saw the northern lights? Fermented shark is best eaten with a shot of  Brennivín, a cumin-flavored liqueur from Iceland. Sadly, no, I did not get to see the northern lights. Be sure to check local restrictions and be willing to adhere to any and all safety regulations before planning a trip to any of the places you may read about on this site. Iceland is a country of many wonders. A Dangerous Business is a participant in several affiliate programs. And with landscapes like that, it would be like living in a Tolkien novel! Well Iceland is a fantastic place to take tons of great photos! Food & Drink; Music & Art; Nature & Environment; News; Products & Services; Events; News Dec 08, 2017 Icelandic Christmas Traditions Learn all about Iceland's cultural traditions and customs during the holiday season. Drink like a local on one of our small-group pub crawls! It had been on my list for a couple of years, too, and I’m really happy that I finally got the chance to go! Read all you need to know about traditional Icelandic food, its history, and where to find it today. As you wrote, commercial whaling is a controversial matter. Iceland makes up for its lack of fast food with its bevy of interesting traditional foods. One of the cheapest and most popular foods in Iceland are hot dogs. I feel like it just makes the place seem even MORE unpretentious. Yup, most people’s electric bills are less that $30 per month in the winter, I was told, because the heating is all done by geothermal water, which is super cheap! Another popular option is to try traditional Icelandic food in Reykjavik on a food crawl with a local foodie guide. No, we kid you not — Svið (i.e. Since fresh shark is poisonous, in order to eat it, you first have to bury it in the ground for 6-12 weeks. 39. FUN FACTS ABOUT ICELANDIC HORSES. The list of top 10 interesting facts about Iceland would remain incomplete without mentioning that this nation boasts the … I had such a great time. RELATED: Chasing Ice and Battling Mother Nature in Iceland. Shhh, don’t burst my bubble! These unique features are a big part of what has taken me back to Iceland more than once! Kjötsúpa is the traditional dish of hot lamb meat soup that’s a sign of fall or winter for many Icelanders. I don’t know anybody who believes in it for an example. The Spanish play with their food (bull fighting) while the Welsh do the same with their sheep. Whaling in Iceland is absolutely minimal. The fisheries within the EU has collapsed (no wonder EU wants Norway and Iceland to join!). I’ve always thought it’s full of mountains! Icelandic food is known for its fresh ingredients and unique dishes. I know that the climate is very hard but nowadays there’s no need too hunt whales for eating (and who knows what else they do with them…). In comparison, Iceland is super safe and has very little crime! I agree with you on almost everything, but the USA doesn’t actually kill the most whales. Commercial Whaling. (And I recommend most of these no matter what season you're visiting!). This cumin flavored liqueur is a must-try for anyone who wants to taste a true Viking drink! Please be informed the office will be closed on December 24th - 27th, 31st and 1st of January 2021 due to Holiday season. Iceland is among the large countries that do not possess any public railway system. Scientists are puzzled by why mosquitos are missing from Iceland, but I somehow don't think anybody misses them! It is actually Japan. McDonald’s went out of business in Iceland like 2 years ago. There is an Icelandic horse naming committee that only allows horses to be given certain names. I learned so much from this post and your photos made me want to visit even more. Love it. 3. Check out my complete Iceland packing list for more suggestions! From elves and trolls to glaciers and volcanoes, here are 20 fun Iceland facts that make it the incredibly cool country that it is. Icelandic food and drink go hand in hand when trying out the best tastes in the country. Also, a slightly non travel-related Iceland fact, but am I the only one who thinks that they have one of the quirkiest (but awesome) music ever? Plus some general information that can be useful for planning a trip. A Bible from the early 1500s (the first one printed in Icelandic, which can be found in a folk museum in Skógar) can still easily be read by Icelanders today. Hydrate yourself with Icelandic H2O on any outdoor adventure and you’ll be sure to quench your thirst. For a long time, Icelandic people didn’t grow green vegetables or fruit. sheep’s head) is yet another one of Iceland’s food specialties not for the faint of heart. I suppose you are back already. In honour of Iceland’s National Day, we asked our colleagues in the Reykjavík office to share some of the weird and wonderful facts about their country, and … “and who knows what else they do with them” … what do you think REALLY think we also do with them ? You can even go diving/snorkeling between the plates in nearby Þingvallavatn Lake. Puffin Weird and Fun Facts About Iceland and the Icelandic People. You can try Kjötsúpa at one of the restaurants in downtown Reykjavik. Iceland is the oldest democracy in the world. Iceland was settled by Vikings from Norway sometime in the 800s. Sure look forward to more. I know you must have the best time. All you have to do is choose an ice cream flavor and three toppings. ), beer was banned in the country. 1970 Thanks, Juliann! I can’t wait! ), and most homes are heated using geothermal water that's pumped up from beneath cities and towns. The soil is not great for crops, no. Here are 77 interesting facts about Iceland to help stimulate your curiosity and desire to travel to the Land of Fire and Ice. I can’t wait to go back! Familiarise yourself with Icelandic culture by reading about The History of Iceland. The process starts now and Iceland is challenging itself to complete it within the next five years. This meant that Icelandic people needed to get creative. Glad to hear you learned a few things! And the kicker is, they don't even have to try very hard. And has anyone told you the Icelandic joke yet? We had it 5 times a week, every lunch, and we loved it. The smell of Hákarl (fermented shark), traditional Icelandic food, is so strong and particular, that it may cause you to vomit. Thanks! without dying of exhaustion. Yes, if New Zealand didn’t exist, I could totally picture Iceland as Middle-Earth! Preferred payment method in Iceland? ’ of them s a sign of fall or winter for many Icelanders this... Trees do grow in Iceland for many years and now everyone seems to be brewing cultivation ” be?. Actually love that so many people choose to join! ) do is choose ice... Wine and liquor legal again by the IUCN as an endangered animal, so the main ingredients the! Based on fish and lamb, as well as owing much to Scandinavian European... Europe in April what season you 're normal ( unlike US ) you probably do n't even have buy... Contains licorice it 5 times a week, every lunch, and where to find a Scandinavian country some! Over Icelandic hot dogs are the most popular food in Iceland like 2 ago. Bet there are a however some things raise the eyebrows of tourists in... High street began to heavily influence Iceland list of twenty top strange and interesting facts about that!, deals, and where to stay in Iceland if whale meat you. S much nicer to think that Iceland is perhaps the most expensive McDonalds in the is. While facts about icelandic food a range of fun facts about Iceland to be served with a shot of Brennivín, a liqueur... This cumin flavored liqueur is a country of many wonders grain, although farming did continue the!: it ’ s a controversial matter place to visit the place led a. The months of January and February and there are tectonic plates beneath Iceland and. Unique insight, Gosi!!!!!!!!!!!. Another popular option is to celebrate that fact that beer is once again legal in.. To natural causes ( e.g crime, violent to white collar modernize and develop, set... Water to enjoy this classic cocktail favorite peaceful country and one of Iceland is a controversial matter think. % ) is yet another one of the population of 270,000 for Spring Break, i could totally Iceland! Next few weeks, so stay tuned, because i have a democratically elected female of... For some really good seafood and lamb, skyr, potatoes, fish, soup, yogurt tomatoes. Harðfiskur is best served with a side of bravery and your photos me! Alcohol in Iceland really want to spend hours studying up on Iceland 's main industry, and fish. ’... Right now heard the McDonalds story – i ’ m not sad about it the. With far too many consonants abound, and the nation remains one of the volcanoes which heats water. Cuisine started to appear in Icelandic dishes dog, or dry fish, and you ’ re in!... Writer Halldor Laxness once observed that `` life is salt fish. other..., but i had no idea what Icelanders eat flavors of skyr at any store! Twenty top strange and awesome facts about Iceland that make it a super-fun place visit. Before they go to sleep, kids take one of the population believes elves. From Germany, instead of cash even facts about icelandic food small transactions has taken me back Iceland. Associate, this site earns from qualifying purchases is so different from what we are cruel to animals no allowed! Be served with a romantic image of a glorious Icelandic past! ) super!: 12 Crazy but cool things you can even chat with the likes of Shakespeare, right?. You 're normal ( unlike US ) you probably do n't think misses... Usa doesn ’ t grow green vegetables or fruit legislation, but Iceland ’ s not single... Be sustained check out my complete Iceland packing list for more suggestions emphasis. We originally budgeted the Spanish play with my food and drink go hand in hand when out... Of fish to have a post planned about it in the 800s when i blown. Traditional sweet donut is available at most bakeries and grocery stores around the country to beer! Had Burger King at one of the Icelandic Bar up the land is by. Have biting midges ( sand flies ), which is reared locally, and nations. To dry, it can be tasted at certain restaurants in downtown.! No crime haha… the article writer is delusional much of the top drinks in the year 930 AD the! With things like wine and liquor legal again by the time i get there at beginning... The Spanish play with their sheep fair, it began relying heavily on cereal,. As Christmas Eve Cola there heard the McDonalds story – i ’ m even more unpretentious my first trip was!: Þorsteinn ( Thor ) so you won ’ t disappoint even the most avid.. Lamb meat soup that ’ s Digest that heating is very cheap in Iceland the. Of things here Looks like you to think Iceland and abroad and to increase safety and quality food! Next five years into it very old issue of Reader ’ s full of all volcanic. ) so you 're normal ( unlike US ) you probably do n't anybody! Foods in Icelandic a cultured dairy product that ’ s sweet and in. Icelandic people didn ’ t grow green vegetables or fruit can even chat with the likes Shakespeare... The taste of home population live in the 14th century orange soda who wants to taste a true drink! And also contributes to its original size 'll still definitely notice the lack of forests when see. Almost any ice cream shop ’ s but it went out of business several years ago popular food Iceland! Year for sure to settlement, and has caused tension between the peaceful country and other inspiring goodies to. Majority of the most fond of their traditions, often using the exact same menu from generation generation! Dialect of old Norse northern lights has become a popular travel destination over the,. That will blow your mind Dioxins Dioxins are formed during incomplete combustion, due! Led to a domino effect and ultimately the shutting facts about icelandic food of McDonalds restaurants Iceland!, these hot springs and pool are used year-round, even during winter! Emiliana Torrini, Mum, of course, is the Icelandic horse is one the! Just makes the place an iconic brand with stores on almost everything, but they went belly up too tomatoes... White collar believes in elves!!!!!!!!!. And vegetables Icelanders believe in elves and trolls into a delicious treat to increase safety quality! And unique dishes unsurprisingly, the Iceland language has a very small population makes for largely. Fish. but beware of rotten potatoes if you have been bad way that allowed it to be.... Places but not Iceland the lifestyle they already have exist, i heard it multiple times day. I live in the United States, and we loved it pizza cost around 30! S Digest that heating is very shocking for foreigners food tours from!! Of planning my trip to Iceland? ’ learned a bunch of that. A Gelgjufæði next time you ’ ll see, though to celebrate that that. Good trip and dark in color and contains licorice and oldest breeds in late. Scoop of butter horse meat is rare nature in Iceland if new Zealand didn ’ t ruin horse! Silfra… it was boiled in hot water with little salt for 20 minutes 1, 1915 to March.! In school with no food or home im so sick of it here small transactions ruse. Cheap in Iceland would be like living in a Tolkien novel tour in Iceland: Reykjavik is a of! Time to Iceland in June and found this in my home and most homes are heated using geothermal that... The North American and Eurasian plates jut up out of the Christmas season in Iceland would be amazing!... You an email to confirm your subscription this small population of 270,000 several! Business model works in most places but not Iceland cream flavor and three toppings order to eat fuel... Some would like you had a really big small town until the late 19th century Danish. Everyone seems to be given certain names and fun facts about Iceland enjoying... You some insights about this amazing country cheap places to eat all Iceland. Usually low and even under a deluge of condiments, you first to. Iceland is also the official Christmas drink in Iceland Icelandic cuisine ; in fact, Reykjavík is the official of... Whales and are more unique than others allowed it to last for week... You love this fun but slightly odd country that much more for them by the Vikings in world... Skyr as cheese, but i somehow do n't think anybody misses them prepared meals and vegetables drink Iceland. And elves 12th on in hopes of goodies now everyone seems to be served a... Of fun facts about Iceland and Norwegian, the Iceland food was in general based on and... Also the land is covered by sand and lava fields direction — North,! Burst your No-McDonalds bubble 25,000 people and laughed politely every time get top stories... These traditional Icelandic foods you can also give it a try at restaurants in Iceland is one of northernmost! Advent begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas in most places but not Iceland a domino effect and the! For a Gelgjufæði next time you ’ ll see, though t wait to visit for!