Kirby: It's not our fault that plane's unreliable. They attempt to share a moment, but are interrupted when they hear the doctor speaking with Rosy's father and sadly discovers the news that Rosy along with all the children in Nome have fallen ill with Diphtheria and have no medicine. She scolds him for harassing Balto and calls Steele out on being a "glory-hound", wanting all the credit and praises for himself. He is the lead dog of the local sled team and is considered the town hero. In this animated feature, a deadly diphtheria epidemic strikes the remote town of Nome, Alaska. Balto leads Jenna to the boiler room, leading underground to the hospital room floors to learn more about Rosy's condition. It is unknown if they really were mates in the final material. Jenna Balto returns victorious saving dozens of lives after his mission: The Serum Run. The doctor orders a shipment of the stuff from Juneau, but a winter storm makes shipping it by air or sea im… Kodi: But dad, he is the enemy! Balto suggests they all go on a picnic together the next day, but Jenna reminds Balto the next day their children will be getting ready to be adopted and sent to new homes. Balto received an outsized portion of the fame from the journey, including more acclaim than Togo. The next day, everyone has gathered to watch the sled race to determine which dogs will be selected to join the team that's will retrieve the medicine to cure the children. Sep 15, 2019 - Explore Joann Leamon's board "Baltimore my love" on Pinterest. The only way to get medicine is through a team of sled dogs. This wish changed their lives forever. Jenna's faith in Balto is incredibly strong, having witnessed his kindness and courage, making her certain that Balto will return with the medicine. However, Jenna doesn't return his feelings and actually dislikes Steele due to his arrogance and being self-centered, seeing he only cares for himself. One night, all the children of Nome get sick with diphtheria and the town’s only doctor says he’s out of antitoxin. To help Balto (succeeded) To be with Balto (succeeded) To make sure her pups each find a good home (succeeded) He is gray-brown with lighter areas, darker ears, and yellow and brown eyes.In Balto 2: Wolf Quest, he is more gray and slightly less thin, and the yellow in his eyes is changed to white.In Balto 3: Wings of Change, He looks even more gray, however the yellow of his eyes has returned.In The Junior Novelization, he is described as gray with big paws, as well as cheerful. [Balto is talking to the mail dogs about the missing plane] Balto: He's not the enemy! Jenna is frequently trying to find Balto as Muk and Luk jumped into the water to find and rescue him. Bridget Fonda as Jenna, a female Husky and Rosie's pet as well as Balto's love interest. Jenna is deeply saddened by the news and Balto begins to apologize for bringing her down to the room and upsetting her, but Jenna assures Balto. She blames their lateness in delivering the mail on the treacherous spring snow, and, like two of her mail team members, does not take their running late very seriously. Dusty would be seen delivering mail to the various places in Nome, after they delieve all the mail Dusty stops her team from bickering at each other and states that it is the snow that was slowing them down. Balto approaches Jenna and attempts to ask her own a date, but notices her attention is focusing more on Rosy. Jenna, Rosy and Star were the only two dogs and human in Nome who treated Balto with kindness and respect before he was finally accepted by both the dogs and humans. The Bravest Dog Ever: The True Story of Balto (Step-Into-Reading) Part of: Step Into Reading: Level 3 (100 Books) | by Natalie Standiford and Donald Cook | Oct 17, 1989 4.8 out of 5 stars 1,317 Jenna enjoys being with Balto, seeing he truly considers and cares for her and her feelings and discovers Balto is fascinating and intriguing, teaching her to create "The Northan Lights" using broken bottle caps. Balto and Jenna say goodbye as Balto promises Jenna he will return with the medicine. Robert Stevenhagen served as the supervising animator for Jenna. Balto informs Jenna about what happened the previous day, revealing Aleu is gone while expressing his regret he didn't tell her the truth sooner. Robert Stevenhagen served as the supervising animator for Jenna. Excellent pacing - the 75 minutes fly by, no wasted scenes or dialogue 6. He's also the mate of Jenna and the father of Aleu, Kodi, Dingo and Saba and two unnamed siblings. Steele refuses to add Balto to the team and begins to harass him until Jenna appears and scolds him for being a "glory-hound". Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She shows that she does care about Boris by saying to Balto "if anything happens to him I'll never forgive myself!" Balto instructs Muk and Luk to carry Jenna back to Nome with Boris as their guide. The film is loosely based on a true story about the dog of the same name who helped save children from the diphtheria epidemic in the 1925 serum run to Nome. Dusty has grey fur, with a lighter underbelly, white on her facial, chest, and underside areas and having gray at her upper area. However, Boris stops and advises Jenna that it's a journey for Balto and Aleu only and encourages her to have faith. He wants to take away our jobs. Juliette Brewer as young Rosy, Jenna's owner and a kind, excitable girl who was the only human in Nome who is kind to Balto. Balto is a 1995 American live-action/animated epic drama adventure film directed by Simon Wells, produced by Amblin Entertainment and distributed by Universal Pictures. Jenna begins to fall in love with Balto and throughout the film, they continue to grow closer as Balto wants to help Rosy and the children get better, greatly pleasing Jenna as she sees Batlo's heroic side, showing he wants to help in any way he can. Truly despicable villain 4. Balto, a wolfdog hybrid, lives on the outskirts of Nome with his best friend, a Russian goose named Boris and two polar bears, Muk and Luk. Great cast of voice actors - including Kevin Bacon, Phil Collins, 7. She also is prone to correcting double negatives, as revealed twice: first to Boris and second to Nuk, Yak and Sumac. Rosy, voiced by Juliette Brewer, is Jenna's owner. She serves as the deuteragonist of the first film and a minor character in the latter two. Balto is the main protagonist of the Balto movie trilogy and is Jenna's main love interest. Kodi then later wants to go and help his father, Dusty first doubts his loyalty to them, asking him, "Joining the other side?" However, once Steele is revealed as a liar when Balto and the team have safety returned, Steele is ostracised and abandoned by the other dogs and thus loses everything. She is Balto's love interest. Jenna also loves her owner Rosy very much and is protective of her, shown throughout the first film her deeps worries over Rosy's wellbeing and health, bringing her in the verge of tears several times when Rosy continued to grow worse. Hobbies Since then, Aleu has been living with Balto and goes to visit Jenna at Rosy's house. 2. Later he was embalmed and we can now find him at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Balto is secretly in love with Jenna, but is shy and afraid to approach Jenna, believing he will be rejected due to his wolf heritage. Steele's "proof" is Jenna's scarf she had given to Balto upon their seperation, while everyone remains unaware that Steele stole the scarf during a fight between him and Balto. Muk and Luk rescue Balto and bring him back to the surface much to the delight and relief of Jenna and Boris. They both obviously have feelings for each other, but amongst this something tragic happens separating the two. Occupation Her character design was based on Audrey Hepburn. When Jenna later learns that Balto has left to find Steele and the sled team lost in the snow storm, Jenna follows and soon reunites with Balto and saves him from a bear attack. Boris is also considered to be Balto's father since he and Balto share a father/son type relationship. Jenna reunites with Balto and the others and saves Balto when he is almost crushed by a grizzly bear. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Steele comes to realize the growing relationship between Balto and Jenna and attempts to intervene as he tried to force Jenna to leave Balto and have dinner with him after he stole sausages from a butcher. With the rest of the team, Dusty comes to the rescue and saves Balto and Duke from falling off a cliff and helps pull Duke back to Nome. Dusty's animation model is similar to Aleu. Goals During one of the many sled races, Jenna was with Rosy when she was given her own sled and proceeded to watch the rest of the race alongside her other close friends, Dixie and Sylvie. Balto In Balto, Balto is thin and scruffy looking. Later, outside the hospital, Jenna smells Balto's scent and after seeing tracks nearby, Jenna realizes that Balto has left to find Steele and Team and decides to follow and help. Worried for his safety, Jenna expresses her desire and want to follow and help Balto, but is assured and advised by Boris that it's journey for Balto and Aleu only and to have faith. Balto is secretly in love with Jenna, but is shy and afraid to approach Jenna, believing he will be rejected due to his wolf heritage.