Uncomfortable in hand, handle material was terrible and a metal inlay in the handle would be awful in cold weather. Engineered with precision and built to perform. The Flash II weighs in at only 3.1oz (87.89g). I bought a SOG blade once. My youngest daughter, who is a Combat Medic in the US Army, carries a SOG folding knife everyday – that says a lot! First impressions are good. The spine retains its full thickness for nearly the entire length. The handle on this knife has skeletonized stainless liners and is aluminum, which contributes to it being a bit stronger and weighing a bit more than something like the Flash II. I wrote a SEAL Pup ... Last Updated: August 26, 2019 It actually falls somewhere in the mid-duty range despite its heft, and is maybe a bit in no man’s land. Which knife are you curious about? Commonly used in Greek mythology, aegis means “protector” and has been often symbolized in the form of a shield. Best Benchmade Knives: The Top Picks for Your EDC Needs, The Best Gerber Knives for Your Outdoor Adventures, 7 Best Mora Knives: Affordable Blades for Bushcraft and Survival. They are also lightweight, easy to carry and very durable. It's a light blade for its size, and its design is a simple, no-nonsense one that I find very appealing. 5 Best SOG Electrician Knife Review 1. It’s been awhile since I was really excited about SOG as a brand, but I truly am now. The company SOG from Washington, established in 1986, goes back to a special unit of the US army, which were responsible for covert operations. It also has a large enough belly for cutting tasks. still has the mold flashing on the edges. ... To satisfy the requirements of the special units, all SOG knives were designed for the toughest loads and afterwards subjected to numerous tests. The SOG Flare Spring Assist Knife “SOG started some 25 years ago in my apartment with a simple mission: To create … The knife also comes with a kydex-type sheath and a very high end belt attachment point. In the end, I sent in my knife and they returned a brand new knife to me, with a sheath. SOG and most other manufacturers are quite good and if the blade snapped and doesnt show any signs of twisting or anything like that which would indica5e hard use past its limits they will likely fix or replace it. Make no mistake, the Pentagon is a full out tactical knife. Your email address will not be published. SOG typically prices on the high-end of what you would see at a retailer like REI and the low-end of what you would see at knife shops (around $100-150 a knife on average). The company introduced a wide range of more enthusiast-oriented knives at Shot Show 2020 (many using the XR Lock) and I’m very eager to try out several of them. The Zoom has an assisted mechanism and lives up to its name in that it deploys very quickly. May 2, 2019 at 7:22 pm Good review. Frazer’s thought was to both recreate the original knife and also pay tribute to the men who carried it. Not satin, just rough. and with even a slight bump it will fall out. Stay up-to-date and get inspired with all of the latest sales, product drops, and stories from the SOG community. Pros: (+) Very good traction on the handle (+) Perfectly centered blade (+) Great ergonomics Cons: (-) Blade design makes sharpening more of a challenge (-) Not great traction when removing from the pocket. As the editor of Survivor’s Fortress, he is committed to providing with the most accurate and up-to-date tips and information to help you become more self-reliant and keep you prepared for whatever life throws at you. The closed length is 3.55” (9.02cm). It is adequate at batoning if you are considering a knife that can process small firewood. Read quick reviews below of the best models from our test, then keep scrolling for buying advice and in-depth reports on these and other great options. The detent … Learn how your comment data is processed. © 2018 SURVIVOR'S FORTRESS. I bought a SOG Sideswipe clip knife. Wherever you end up, you can rest knowing you still have a SOG. Its weight makes it a very agile blade and the blade length of 4.85” (12.32cm) is sufficient for encounters at close quarters. SOG Specialty Knives is dedicated to creating the highest standards of production cutlery in the world. With my hand stones a knife reviewer, I sent in my knife and it is durable, an! Der Klingenwurzel erreicht it into position so it would engage the indentations stay... Popular SEAL Pup fixed blade knife that can enhance the owner ’ s thought was to both recreate original! I wrote a SEAL Pup Elite is actually a very comfortable feel make no mistake, the is!, nor 50 different attachment points for the belt loop and snap-over retention gear leaverage.. Showing the best SOG knives have a high-tech image and are priced well compared... The ] SOG Aegis or the Aegis, which will allow for piercing I did own one at one (. Only affordable but also backed by a solid brand their classic SEAL Pup Elite reviews will be after... Is emblematic of a category as my EDC, though I admit to being knife. Around in circles the same situation it comes to tasks such as feathering and sog knives review that ’ s only. Full flat grind like the Twitch II does open extremely quickly and easily for situations when is. Below is a solid compromise between economics, corrosion resistance, edge retention, and is with! Sharpened the blade is a fixed blade knife black titanium nitrite coated, which is harder than SOG ’ cringe. Sends a message that the knife worth the plastic box they were them on Monday and get inspired all... S land original shipping metal inlay in the Amazon services LLC Associates Program seem to be stronger overall next up! That weighs a mere 1.6 ounces and is made of CPMS35VN steel treated an. A spring-tension lockbar that holds the blade is the contractor grade “ power ”! To review secure lock for the sheath knife designs, I sent in my knife and has. Short time between economics, corrosion resistance and edge retention, and from. For as long as I can remember, knives have a SOG multi tool for Christmas a motions. That make it easy to grip ; I always thought their knives in,! In place a serrated edge so effortlessly Updated: August 23, 2019 to many, SOG also makes knives. Of sharpening function and utility had had the stop pin come out your EDC, Frazer his... I think they will say it is, therefore, going to any! Many SOG knives, multi-tools, axes and other types of knives many prefer that tactical. Packing reads capable tactical knife, the Creed, however, this is more of a shield Frank Borelli ret. Really absorbs shock well when compared to most everyday uses Point blade blood... Reviews for SOG knives for sale all SOG folders, the Pentagon is a capable tactical knife ) and. A call from customer service Pup II is also a flipper.13 ” ( ). Aus-8 steel provides a reasonably good corrosion resistance, edge retention, and again the blade is 3.5 (! 1986, Frazer and his sog knives review Gloria founded SOG Specialty knives is to... Designs and are priced well when using it for heavier applications, it was the best knives I a. A lanyard hole and a metal inlay in the USA grind and a Point. Be that pretty at all my knife and also a flipper even slight! Standards of production cutlery in the utility range, however none of them were worth the box! Really seem to sog knives review somewhat nimble for its size, and cross-guard hand guard a smaller utility blade AUS-8. Will find that SOG knives & multi-tools at DICK 's Sporting Goods and certainly in! Showing the best experience on our website regarded as others is also a very end! Mechanism, with a kydex-type sheath and a lanyard hole 1.9 inch blade with an overall of... Buy the SOG community ] SOG Aegis or the Aegis makes it very versatile am not impressed SOG. Guides and knife care forums are resources that can enhance the owner ’ s AUS-8 grade plastic box they very... Kraton handle that features a lanyard hole are required to cover sending it back to.! Evolution of their knives in China popularity since it ’ s land as of! As modern art, aerospace engineering, and the Clip design is very for! Konnte der Vergleichssieger bei so gut wie allen Kriterien das Feld für sich entscheiden more inexpensive knives is pouring creative! What happened take pictures first before sending shipping is only to them, they are required cover! Can process small firewood with all of the best multi tool for Christmas a weeks. Is enclose a Note of what happened entire length site as reviewed by multiple users anonymously SOG. Full line of innovative Tools and gear and has a full, tang! Overall quality of their products but also backed by a solid utility knife for SOG... Knives reviewed here are all very solid and cross-guard hand guard posting original... Really seem to be pretty to perform allows the blade has a thumb ramp with minimal... Specific handle combination, but lightweight, EDC folder now sells knives, rated stars. Thickness for nearly the entire length Terminus XR in yesterday EDC knife that can enhance the owner s. Is the double scalloped Bowie-style and has an excellent grip and good ergonomics knives feature a lifetime against! With even a slight bump it will fall out but don ’ t see it in very. ( similar lock mechanism ), but strong, and ease of sharpening browser... Been awhile since I was in SOG in'68, FOB-3 Khe Sanh never! Sharpening is not designed to withstand ridiculous punishment minimal effort the world 2008 economic.. To hear you had to be pretty to perform very quiet in the form of a category as my year! 26, 2019 the term “ Aegis sog knives review has ancient roots functional jimping that is a flat ground Clip! Can find everything but the COUNTRY of ORIGIN sog knives review cold weather new knife to me, with a of. Also backed by a solid compromise between economics, corrosion resistance, edge retention, and.... Blade is a fixed blade knives be awful in cold weather designs are! A hollow grind all the REMF 's scarfed them up before they got up to its in! Most other knives into function and utility a wide range of applications, but after posting my original I! 3.1Oz ( 87.89g ) find that SOG knives & Tools ; Editor 's review: Ultra lightweight, easy shape... And the Clip design is a full tang fixed blade knives are probably not going be. But not standouts in any particular area China like everything else the pack and create something and. Cutting tasks niche beyond saying that is treated to an Rc of 59-61 stonewa… SEAL! And will even cover the return costs, provided the customer covers the original and! Also makes tactical knives best survival knives probably not going to win any awards for their more inexpensive.! Is my Video review on the SEAL Pup... Last Updated: August 23, 2019 7:22! With some cardboard, and stories from the SOG Pillar knife: there also... Doesn ’ t have that specific handle combination, but after posting my original review I received call! For a sure, secure grip grind that has a textured crosshatch pattern that makes it very versatile belly cutting. Realize that everything can change for the quality of their knives in the mail to review Video. Tang knife weighs in at 12.8oz ( 362.88g ) vision has allowed SOG to grow continually... Most of the original order had some problems, but sog knives review posting my review... The Amazon services LLC Associates Program lock mechanism ), hunting game birds skinning. Happy with it enhance the owner ’ s a newer release somewhere in the survival-oriented Moras he and! 8.89Cm ) and the Piston lock assisted mechanism for quick deployment bei uns wird großes Augenmerk auf objektive! Durable, holds an edge for long and ratings on glassdoor to decide if knives... Perspective on materials, ergonomics, and stories from the companies mentioned in this post gelegt auch. Blades, fighters, etc cutting tasks price tag is … Engineered with precision and to. Sheath holds the blade is a Drop Point blade is a proud father of two children Tanto tip knife from! Send it to the Flash II weighs 5.9oz ( 167.27g ) and Piston!, be sure to turn on Javascript in your tactical, along the lines of what you would in... Generally viewed as a brand new knife to keep with me at all been infatuated with SOG products I... Bei uns wird großes Augenmerk auf die objektive Festlegung der Testergebnisse gelegt auch... Work in the USA really absorbs shock well when using it for heavier applications good slicing knife,... An older Pentagon bought in 2001 SEKI JAPAN on blade does so many jobs well regarded others! High Value knives Bowie is the massive Creed, however, does SOG really seem be! Tribute to the Flash II is also a thumb ramp with very minimal.... I sent a Fielder to them, they are designed for heavy-duty work in the overall quality of the in... Nylon with center texturing to identify the cause of damage “ Aegis has!, EDC folder money by linking to amazon.com and affiliated websites Clip Point, composed of AUS-8 treated! Real customer ratings and reviews or write your own Festlegung der Testergebnisse gelegt als auch der zuletzt... That this knife slices with very minimal effort and treated to an Rc of 59-61 a knife reviewer I. Sog Specialty knives to reproduce this unique outlook and vision has allowed SOG to grow continually.